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Hello to all Internet Entrepreneurs Honest!

My name is Roman I lived in Russia,now I live in Israel !

I am fond of sports, dances and Internet entrepreneurship.


In 30 years I joined the Internet community, learned nine years ago that the Internet began to go to different resources, social networks and all that ..... even tried to seek love through the Internet.

The first thing I learned is that with the help of the site you can earn, but it was then still difficult for me and I wanted to take a walk and I was looking for easy ways, it's BUX-CLICK and all sorts of Investment Games without attachments.

Later heaps and money spent about 10 thousand rubles, on all sorts of loho-courses and realized that everything here is tied to a referral system, i tried the mlm-business studied these projects from them there was only one plus

This acquaintance with the effective PR of your reference and earnings at the expense of others.

I, as a God-fearing person, or superstitious, know that karma returns, and gave up this ungrateful business. although now there are cool MLM companies with a beautiful legend, such uncertainty did not suit me, you could go to the site tomorrow and it's already blocked, you can not withdraw your hard-earned money ... as they say, gained experience, he makes you more confident and I learned Internet income in this way because I did not want to mess around in the code.

He was engaged in Karate, Box (not for long) and Ballroom dancing for 7 years and even taught some time!

In this business, the demand is always (children) an adult team is much harder to gather especially partners and sometimes a girl and a girl are paired, it's clear that one of them is a partner!

My way to Information and Financial Technologies.

He studied abroad at the Institute for a six-month course on the system administrator, and the security of CISCO networks, then he took a course in SMM, SMO, SEO.

Why I'm an Investor and a Businessman!

All just guys work from the word "BRA" and before retirement work for the uncle and sacks unload too lazy, I'll figure out how to deliver this bag without my efforts, this veil is either hidden or there is either no other is not given, and overcoming difficulties brings results!

How to learn about the site MEDIA BLOKCHEIN Honest!

Recently I have been actively monitoring the situation in the crypt-world and I have invested 90% of my portfolio. I fell in love with this technology and I believed in it, faith is a strong support in all undertakings, I learned about Steemit from the crypto-enthusiasts of the Media Blockchain Russian Golos.io

I will be glad to get acquainted with new people to implement financial freedom of freedom of speech and achieve common goals subscribe to my blog I will share useful information and insider news with the CryptoWorld

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