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Life in Waves of Emotions

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8 months ago
Topics: Poetry

We do superficial things in a rough way of failure, important strategies bring maximum growth potential. Each step is designed with precise deadlines, each detail is foreseen with an ambitious future plan that changes through creative innovation.

We play around the sun while we dance in the rain of joyful messages, we cherish the thoughts of the volcanic eruption of passion and associate new friendships on the altar of sacred love. Snowfall through the illusion of happiness as we make other plans, the reality is gentle and open to a pure heart. 

Small things do great work when placed at the right time and in the right place, great people walk in the minds of ideas with the mission of love. We whisper the stories for a beautiful night while we walk through the fairy tales of beautiful landscapes, we feel the joyful nuances of important information that pass through filters of pure thoughts.

Feel the moment of intelligence and combine the energy of reality, every chance has a great reason to come together with you. Make a secret curtain behind the lies of fraud, imaginative emotions circling in the wings of the victorious leaders.

Every glance passed through the energy trance field, every touch of imagination opened the wonders of imagination in which dreams become reality. A few steps lead me to the memories that raise me to the wings of enthusiasm, you are an emotion that opens all fields of love.

Training opens dreams on the altar of knowledge and power, big games cover the traces of small creatures through the interests of fun adventures. We go to the audition of love talent, your eyes shining like stars above the incredible sun.

With sincere friends we can conquer the whole world, we discover the hidden secrets of the mystical sages in every attempt of goodness. The passion of the heart gives power to the love of love to cover all emotions of wrong habits, thoughts floating in the sky of the laws of the universe and the stars.  

We went through big stories and music on the tables, we played the best dances at the waterfalls of our lives while we got to know the other side of our relationship. Your independence won my heart, your smile opened the door of our paradise where we enjoyed it. 

We are feeding with the vitamins of the past as we make the scales on which leaders of the future climb, once in the past we were small and now we have become even smaller in our ego size. Give me a hand of golden words with the wishes of magical goodness, gifts of a smile are strong and shine to everyone around you.

Losses cease at the moment when they are covered with love energies, we feel the universal emotion of the universe through the gentle vibrations of the ether. We plant seeds of success infertile land, we grow in good times of great blessings.  

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Written by   9
8 months ago
Topics: Poetry
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