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Blockchain Madness and BCH in the Mission to Defeat Poverty in the World

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4 months ago

Today we all have the opportunity to participate as pioneers of the blockchain revolution, evolution, and progress. All cryptocurrencies have their own status, the point is to make huge money, many have become billionaires, millionaires, financial intelligence has changed, everyone has the opportunity to become an investor and earn a lot. Social networks are a real challenge, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, Instagram, dominate the world, all information is transmitted through them, everything is promoted and everything is sold, they have become the strongest media in the world. Investment projects dominate the Blockchain World, what is read. cash, noise. cash, Steemit, and some other projects are the beginning of a new generation of blockchain projects - Social Blockchain Network. Most users want to benefit from their work, from their activities, that is the future that will inherit and change Facebook and other classic social networks, we need to work on strengthening these models. BCH has great support with these projects, promotion and mass of people are always the most important link for success, especially in the virtual world.

If we work out a little combination, if we create communities/groups, to give everyone the opportunity to have their own BCH token, then it would further stimulate development and popularization, we could expect millions of new users and create a real global social network. Can you imagine what the value of BCH would be if it had 100,000,000 active users in its network, I think BTC would become a museum value, BCH would take the place for the use-value of modern digital currencies. This is the first thing we need to improve because the world needs a project that will stimulate the work of those people who do not have money, users from poor countries, the goal is for the Blockchain system and technology to beat poverty. A team should be created, to enable individuals to work on developing a social blockchain network that gives everyone the opportunity to earn and advance with the same chances, that they do not have to invest, it can be a plus of benefits that investors have in abundance anyway.

You can imagine that people in a village who don't have computers, don't have internet, get a chance to start writing, communicate, work as affiliates and earn money that covers their basic living expenses, and also have the opportunity to become a big fish. , a millionaire with his creative in hard work. BCH has great potential, it's time for a new evolution and new victories - BCHNETWORK.

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Written by   9
4 months ago
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