Shortly afterwards

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Shortly afterwards, Mahendra received a letter in his dormitory in familiar handwriting. Did not open during the day in the noise - put in the pocket near the chest. While listening to lectures in college, walking around the hospital, suddenly it seemed to me that a bird of love was sleeping under his chest. As soon as he is awakened, all his soft murmurs will resound in his ears.

At one point in the evening, Mahendra sat comfortably in a secluded room, leaning on a stool by the light of a lamp. He took out his fiery letter from his pocket. Without opening the letter for a long time, he began to look at the title on the envelope. Mahendra knew there was not much in the letter. There was no possibility that Asha would be able to express her thoughts properly. All you have to do is imagine the soft words of his mind in the curved lines of his raw letters. After reading his own name written with great care in the raw hand of hope, Mahendra could hear a melody with his own name - it is a sadhvi woman - a pure love song from the very secluded Vaikunthaloka of the heart.

In this two-day separation, all the exhaustion of the long-reunion has been removed from Mahendra's mind and the happy memory of the simple bride's new love has become bright again. At last the nuances of daily housework began to bother him, all of which had been removed, and in the light of a pure ecstasy without cause and action, the image of hope had come to life in his mind.

Mahendra very slowly tore the envelope and took out the letter and rubbed it on his forehead and forehead. One day the scent of the essence that Mahendra had gifted to Asha entered Mahendra's heart like a sigh rising from the letter paper.

Mahendra opened the fold and read the letter. But what is this? Like crooked lines, not so simple language. Raw - raw letters, but the words do not match with him. It is written-

"Beloved, why should I remind you in this article of the one you have gone to forget. The one who tore the vine and threw it on the ground, he tries to climb up again in some shame. Why didn't he get mixed with the soil!"

"But what harm will it do you, Nath? At least I remembered for a moment. I don't know how much it will play. And, your negligence has entered my ribs like a thorn. All day, all night, all work, all thought." Go back to the side that started biting me. Tell me a way to forget as you forgot.

"Nath, is it my fault that you loved me? Did I expect so much luck in my dreams? Who knew where I came from? Who knew me? If you didn't want to see me, if I had to be your unpaid maid in your house, would I?" I could have blamed you, you forgot my own virtue, my darling, what made you caress me so much. And, if there was a thunderbolt without a cloud today, why did he only burn the thunderbolt, why didn't he burn his body to ashes?

"I've been through a lot these days, I've been thinking a lot, but I don't understand a thing - can't you throw me out at home. Was there any need for me to leave your house? Am I so attached to you? If I had thrown it out of your door, would I have seen it in your eyes? If so, why did you go? I had no way to go anywhere.

What a letter. Mahendra did not understand whose language it was. Mahendra took the letter and was stunned as if he had suddenly fainted. His mind was racing at full speed like a train, a line was pushed from the opposite direction, and his mind seemed to be paralyzed out of the line.

After thinking for a long time, he repeated it twice or thrice. What seemed like a distant dream for some time, seems to be blossoming today. The comet that looked like a shadow in one corner of his life sky, today his huge tail was seen shining in the line of fire.

This letter belongs to Binodini. Sarala Asha wrote it with her own mind. What he had never thought of before, when he went to write a letter according to Binodini's composition, all these things began to awaken in his mind. The imitation became entrenched from the outside and became his sincerity; I could never hope to express the new pain in such a beautiful way. He began to think, "How did Sakhi understand such a thing in my mind? How did she express such a thing?" Asha took refuge in her intimate friend with more interest, because, the pain in her mind, her language is with her friend, she is so helpless.

Mahendra got up from his seat, frowned and tried hard to be angry with Binodini, but in the middle he was angry with Asha. He sat down on the bench and read the letter again as a proof. There was a feeling of joy inside him as he read it. The imprint of this hidden but expressed, forbidden but intimate, poisonous but sweet, at the same time gifted but withdrawn love made Mahendra drunk. The intoxication dissipated his mind and he scattered his mind. He put his fist on the table and jumped up from the stool and said, "Take it away, I will burn the letter." He took the letter near the lamp. The paper-burning ashes were smashed a lot, but it was not the ashes of the letter of hope, but the many incomplete attempts to reply to the letter that Mahendra had burnt to ashes.

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Beautiful one keep it up:)

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