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Rabea kept saying that over and over again.

Runu's head was bent and his chin was stuck to his chest. I noticed that his force ears had turned red. He began to draw in his geometry book. In the end, Dada suddenly got up, got some water and ran out. Runu has gone from twelve to thirteen. There is nothing he doesn't understand about Rabea's obscene nasty words. She blushed in shame. Maybe he would have cried. Runu cries a little. I said to Rabeya, Chh Rabeya, do you have to say this? Shh! These are big nonsense. You have grown up, master.

Rabea is one year older than me. I call him you. Pitha Pithi siblings call each other Tui. Rabea calls me you. His behavior towards me is small. He listened to me with his heart. For a while he was making a doll with a sheet wrapped around his pillow. My words did not change his mind. He stopped making dolls and lay down on the bed. As he danced, he said dirty words louder than before. I remained silent. Rabea's anger will only increase when interrupted; The voice of the voice will continue to rise on the high screen. A couple of curious eyes will try to see what is happening through the window of the house next door.

Rabea said, I will say it again.

Pretty much.

What happens?

I moaned and said, "She is very ashamed." It's a shame.

But that's what he told me.


I understand, Rabia must have heard the words somewhere outside. But Rabia, who turned 22 last August, did not think anyone could say such a nasty thing directly to her.

I said, who said?

Said this morning.

Who is he?

That tall fair.

Rabea will not be able to identify the boy anymore. He will go out to Rabeaberata again, maybe someone will say such a vulgar thing to him.

Baby your milk.

Mother put the bowl of milk on the table. He had a fever last night. Excessive fever. Dad knocked on my door in the middle of the night. I heard without falling asleep, do you have aspirin baby?

Thinking that I was dreaming, I turned around and tried to fall asleep again. I heard my mother crying. The mother cannot bear the illness at all. Mild fever, headache - it is weak.

Dad called again, baby, do you have aspirin?

My clinic under the mattress. Aspirin, Desproteb are tablets of this type. In the dark I started looking for medium size tablets. There is no light in this room. Where it seems to have burned. At night the hurricane is ignited. While sleeping, Runu extinguishes the hurricane. Runu does not sleep in the light. Dad said, baby, got it?

Hmmm. What happened?

Your mother has a fever.

What will happen to aspirin fever?

There are also very headaches.


As soon as he opened the door with three tablets in his hand, the light of a twenty-five power bulb came on the verandah. What a mess! Not a single aspirin. Dad was annoyed and said, can't you keep the match at home?

I remembered that there was a new match and three bristle cigarettes in the drawer. I thought I would not eat more than five o'clock in the whole day, but it was already seven o'clock. And now at midnight one has to burn. I will hold a cigarette in a while, it filled my mind. Dad left with aspirin. As soon as Desalai was burning, he saw that Rabia was lying awkwardly. Almost all of them are wrapped in sari wrapped around the chest. There are no mosquitoes in winter, that is why the mosquito net is also missing. Babob's voice was heard, Nao Shanu, eat the tablet.

Surprise! Dad can call such a sweet throat! I was ashamed. Dad called again, Shanu Shanu.

Baba is calling Shanu by breaking the name Shahana beautifully. The distance between me and my father's house is the distance between the bamboo fence. About two hands are slightly empty at the top. Even the slightest word comes to my mind. I also heard a kiss.

I have occasional insomnia. I have four volume-two tablets under my mattress. But I never eat Valium. Sleeping pills weaken the heart. My friend Salil died after taking only two sleeping pills. He had heart disease. I might as well have. I sometimes have pain in the left side of my chest.

I do not take sleeping pills for thousands of insomnia. Sometimes I have a hard time with this. In the middle of the night when my father used to call me Shanu Shanu, this Shahana, my ears became hot. The nose is sweating. The heartbeat is fast and clear. I know all about night dramas. Mother said, aha what? Shit! Dad whispered what he said. His throat dropped into the ditch. Mother smiled in an involved voice. I closed my ears with both hands. The sound of his own chest seemed much clearer at that time. After a while everything is silent again.

Runu and Rabeya woke up in their sleep. The tick tick tick tick sound of the table clock comes back again. I put my face in the jug on the table, drank some water and came out.

There are two Hasnuhena trees on one side of the verandah. The mother said Hasnahena. Both are huge. When you stand by his side at night, the smell of flowers is like intoxication. The smell of hamuhena or snakes. Montu once killed a huge snake under this tree. Chandrabora snake. My mother was frightened and said, "What have you done, Ray Montu? The pair will look for you this time."

Although I didn't believe it, I was scared. I looked for the other snake. Carbolic acid was given around the house. Master's uncle said that the snake that remained was a male snake. Seeing snakes, he could tell men and women. Some days everyone was very scared, although the male snake was never seen.

Rabea said, mother I will eat milk.

Mar had a fever last night. His face has become dry and small. Marie's face became more dry when she heard Rabia's words. She looked like a baby girl. I know when we are begging for something and mom can't give it. Then her face became so long that it looked like a baby girl. The thin skin of his nose began to tremble. At a young age, I liked this attitude of Maar very much. I asked for one thing, but Mom couldn't give it. His face has become like that of a baby girl. The pale thin leaves of the nose are squeaking. This attitude of my mother seemed to be the attitude of my criminal. I kept thinking about how I could hurt my mother. I wanted to throw a lizard at me. The mother lizard is terrified. Said in the mouth. Hate, but I know his fear. Once the mother was sitting eating rice, suddenly a baby lizard came from the roof and fell on her head. He vomited profusely. I used to look for lizards whenever I was angry with my mother. But finding the lizard was not easy. Even if found, it could not be caught. I used to make cloth balls and throw them on the lizard's body. His tail would fall off. My mother also hated that tail. Mom never told us anything. Mother is a better person. My father often beat me severely. Mother used to say, aha what to do! Aha does not hurt? Dad used to say, go, move away from the front. You caressed her head. My mother seemed helpless then. And I wish I could run away from home tomorrow morning. I will never come again.

Mom give me milk. Rabea began to zone. I extended the bowl towards him. Mom is gentle. He said in his voice, aha, you don't eat, your test.

The luxury of milk is for me. MSc final in front, I woke up at night. Mother brought milk towards Natar. As soon as I sipped my milk, my mother silently opened the safety pin one by one from Rabia's sari. A whole dozen safety pins are worn on the Rabia sari all day long. He wanders around all day. The mother did this for fear that her naked body would be forgotten. Rabeya cannot be kept indoors. She cannot be allowed to wear a salwar kameez. He is not that age. But everyone will look at Rabia without hesitation. Boys look at girls as they get older. There is shame in that look, there is restraint in the eyes. But there is no reason to be shy or ashamed about Rabia. Anyone who says something ugly to Rabia will listen to her with a smile. Come home and tell everyone effortlessly.

Mother sat next to Rabia and put her hand on Rabia's head. I heard a small but clear sigh. Rabea is drinking milk. Rabia may not be exactly beautiful. Or who knows maybe Ruposhi. The color is light black. Big eyes, clear vision, beautiful lips. When he smiles, his chin and cheeks fall. All the girls who laugh at the toll, they laugh for no reason. They know that smiling makes them look good. Rabea doesn't know that, yet she laughs. Laughs for no reason. On Rabia's forehead, there is a cut in the middle. As a child, he fell on the square. After finishing the milk, Rabia said, bad milk. Shh!

Mother stood up. Said, I will go to Mr. Pir of Shubhapur once? One Pir Sahib lives in Shubhapur. Reputation that crazy can do well. Shubhapur is eight miles from here. It takes an hour to cycle, but I know nothing will happen to Pir-Fakir. If the big doctor can do anything. But we don't have money. After my shortened shirt Montu. We buy clothes once a year, on Eid al-Fitr.

Runu came a little later. He stared at Rabia two or three times. No, Rabia is not saying those ugly words anymore. Runu raised his voice. She is sleeping. The eyes are swollen. Who knows how Runu felt when he heard Rabia's dirty words. Rulu is now thirteen. It will fall on the 14th of next November. Runu is Scorpio. When I was that age, it felt good to hear such things. I liked to think of girls at that age. I used to go to Togger Bhai's house in the evening to understand numbers. Neelu says he had a younger sister. I was very happy to think that I will marry this girl when I grow up. It was a shame to talk to Nilu. Blue. When he grabbed my hand and said, don't come. Grandpa brother, I play ludu. Then my ears would turn red for no reason. The weight was placed near the neck.

Does Runu also like any boy? Does Runu ever think that when I grow up, I will marry this boy? Who knows Maybe way, maybe not way. Runu is a lucky girl. So lucky and so gentle that I sometimes have trouble. I don't know why. I think such girls do not get happiness in life. I will make Runu much bigger. Runu will be a doctor when he grows up. With a stethoscope around her neck and a black bag in her hand, the girl looks very beautiful to the doctors. Runu can't do well. I let him stop reading on his own and understand algebra. Of course, reading medicine does not take numbers.

That day I was startled by Runu's arithmetic camel. I love writing quite a bit. Of course I was embarrassed to read the next words. It is a childish poem. I love the beauty of the world, I love the plants, I love the songs. I said, Runu has become a beautiful poem.

Runu blushed like a lobster in shame and said, go, it's heavy. It didn't go well at all.

I said, then I think. You have written many poems.

Uh-huh. Runu bowed his head and smiled.

I said, see Runu, you are a lucky girl.

Runu turned red and opened my trunk. All his secret property is in my tank. At this age, how many trivial things have to be hidden from the eyes of others. But Runu has no box of his own. On one side of my trunk are two large square boxes of biscuits. And I see there are some ledgers. Aka, a picture of a wild elephant, came with a double book and turned purple with shame.

I said, you read me.

No, you read.

Give it to me.

Runu snatched the notebook and ran away. I saw twelve poems in all. On two mothers, on a turn. (Pala is our pet dog. Where did he go one afternoon!) On the occasion of killing a Montur snake -

Montu Bhai killed a big snake

It is four hands long - what a glory!

I thought to myself, I will buy a good book for Runu. Runu filled the book with poems on Facebook. There is a character of a baby girl in a story of Rabindranath. The girl learns to write, she writes on the walls of the original house, the pages of the book, whatever comes to her mind in her account book. The girl's grandfather gave her a nice notebook, which became an absolute hobby in her life. But I did not have money. Still, I decided to buy Runu a very good book. I remembered the notebook in which Runu had written the poem, Rulu had asked me for it. Where my name was, Rulu cut it out and wrote his name in big letters. I bought the book to keep track of his hours of reading a day. After a couple of weeks, when nothing was written, one day Runu came and stood in front of my table. He said to himself like a snake, don't give me the book.

Which book?

At eight.

Which, take that.

Rulu left the book. I will see that happy look on his face that day. For three and a half rupees I will buy him a nice book with a lovely plastic cover.

Although I had no money, I bought the book for Runu. I love Runu very much. I Big love When I see Runu, I want to caress him. Rulu is a big lucky girl. Runu's good name is Saleha. The name Runu was given to me. The name Runu is appropriate for Runu. What a wonderful way to screw people over. Again, when a long voice is called ruuuuuu nuuuuuu then what an amazement comes. Runu said, Grandpa, I fell asleep.

Mother has used mosquito nets. Pretty mosquito now. Mosquitoes will continue to grow with the night. They will hum in my ears. I can not pay attention to study, m. S. I have to get very good result in C. I need a decent, well-paid job. Runu crouched down and lay down next to Rabia. Of course he won't sleep now. Runu can't sleep as long as the lights are on.

Rabeya and Runu are lying next to me! So many sides that can be touched by raising the hand. Rabyata fell asleep without going to bed. One by one he fell asleep and cried. He is the edge of a long melody. What happened?


Tell me.

To you




This one.



So much.


Who could it be?

What do you do?

Yes, no.

Don't stay.

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The lines of your story are literally forcing me to feel the situation of that time and of what kind that pain was .. The heartbeat is fast and clear. I know all about night dramas. Mother said, aha what? Shit! Dad whispered what he said. His throat dropped into the ditch. Mother smiled in an involved voice. I closed my ears with both hands. The sound of his own chest seemed much clearer at that time. After a while everything is silent again.

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