Our family

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Our family

What a change has taken place in our world. The melody is cut somewhere. Shilu has overwhelmed all my consciousness in such a way that I can't understand anything. Mother has become terribly silent. Moving apprehensively. His frustrated demeanor, his slurred speech all told that something had happened. Dad often came and sat in my room. Unnecessarily sad said in a conversation: How is the study going? The price of the goods in the market!

I can tell by the look on his face that he wants to say something. Talking randomly, he kept shaking it, then suddenly got up and left. I don't understand what you mean. We are very afraid of my father, we do not dare to ask anything. When I ask my mother, what happened mother? Mother pretended to be surprised and said, will. What's up baby?

Mom can't lie, can't hide anything. I say emphatically, tell me, what happened?

Mother looked at the floor and said in a trembling voice, where is it?

But I often see father and mother talking in whispers. Dad's eyebrows are raised frequently in annoyance. Sitting outside for many nights. The night before, my mother was humming and crying. It seemed to me as if someone was singing iniabiniye. Rabea said, he is a baby, his mother is crying at home.

Runu said, really grandfather, mother is crying. I thought - I understand the cat.

Rabeya called out loud, mother, and mother, why are you crying?

Mother went silent. Rabeya called again, mother, and mother!

Mother Dharah said in her throat, what?

Why were you crying

I want to understand everything. I love everyone. I want to do more than just play a role in the family that my father has built. If there is a complication, I do not want to stay away from that complication. I want everyone to be happy. A beast like Runushilu brings a carcass, which will rise from time to time with a human whistle of happiness.

I'm asleep at noon. Suddenly Rabeya called me. Her eyelids are trembling with excitement.

Oh baby, listen, my marriage.

I looked at him in surprise? Rabea giggled and said, can't believe it? I swear by Allah, true marriage, ask my mother.

When to get married?

This afternoon. Now I will take a bath and decorate! You don't tell everyone again baby, I understand I'm not ashamed?

As soon as she asked her mother, she said that they would come to see her in the afternoon.

I was surprised and said, who will marry a crazy girl?

Mother said, "Where is the madman? What is there will be cured."

Do the people of Barapaksha know?

Mother said in a frightened voice, I can't say exactly what your Ara said. You don't mind baby.

But what happened to the sudden marriage?

I do not know. Yours. The shawl is fixed. Ask your Ara.

Come to see at five, everything was ready within four. Mother made food while sweating. New curtains were put up in the living room; The table-cloth taken from the trunk was spread on the table. Montu cycled and brought flowers from far away and arranged the vases. Runu Rabeya walked around wearing a shapla colored sari. Rabea started whining, mother, Runu, the big one wearing my sari, will make it dirty.

If it is dirty, I will insert it.

What if it breaks?

What are you doing?

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known in advance. If I hadn't gotten married today, I wouldn't have torn Runu's hair!

Rabeya is wearing a very expensive sky blue sari. More than ordinary cosmetics. Did nothing. Who would have thought that she would look so beautiful! Big floating eyes, ice-cut chin, baby-like look. All in all, Aka is like a picture of a captive princess in a fairy tale book.

Master Kaka is sitting in an easychair on the verandah after a pale Punjabi, to greet the guests. They were supposed to arrive at five o'clock, but no one came until six o'clock. Master went to find the crow with the address. It was known that no one would come. They know what a conspiracy it is to seduce a crazy girl.

Tears came to my eyes in shame. What was the need for all this? No, it was marriage. Mother cried and said, Ray was needed.

For what?

I doubt how baby!

Doubt what?

Tomorrow your father will go to the doctor with Rabeya, then I will know.

Dad got off the rickshaw. Rabea slowly recovered. He blackened his face and said, "Mother, the doctor forbade me to work hard." Now just rest. Isn't that right, Dad?

The father looked at his mother and said in a trembling voice, what will you do now?

I found out. Runu knew. Montu went out to play football, only he didn't know. Rabea's reckless wandering has borne fruit. The doctor forbade him to work. Now Rabia needs only rest.

Rabia's head is not right. He used to wander around since childhood. All the houses know him. Uncle Khalu calls the people around him Dada. Someone from among them called him. What does it take to seduce such a girl? I can't sleep at night. The ink has darkened under his eyes. Runu and Shilu do not go to the house to listen to music. Nahar's fiance came to visit and said, "What's the matter, I see none of you go there, not even to Rabia."

Rulu does not speak. The mother said in a low voice, "Rabia has got sick."

What disease, I do not know where?

Thus the body is bad.

Going to talk about the mother's words. Look helpless.

I tried to find out the source of the matter from Rabia. I In the evening when Runu goes to study with Master Kakar, Rabeya and I stay at home. That's when I started:



Where do you go to travel?

In how many places. At home.

Feel good?


Who likes who?


Do boys like it?


Name them.

If the name is continuous, he leaves. None of them seem suspicious. Mine. Everyone is a baby boy. Rabeya is called Big Apa.

They caress you, Rabia?


How do you caress?

Play with me, r—

What else?

By story.

What's the story?


Hesitantly, someone kissed you Rabeya?

Yah! So understand?

Maar's words are clearer, more open. Shame on me. Mother said fondly, Rabeya, who opened your sari? Tell me the name.

Go mother, you are heavy.

Mom gets angry. Hapate panting, then why is that? Tell me, you bastard?

Rabeya doesn't say anything, mother sighs and cries. Rabea looks at him with big eyes. Say, why are you crying, mother?

Tell me, with whom did you sleep?

Rabea is silent. Maybe he doesn't understand. Dad has become like crazy. The mood has become irritable, a little angry at home. Runu was late that day to return from school. One day I saw my father came with a fortune teller, he was reciting all the mantras by writing the names of all the youths in the neighborhood.

The direct sign of Rabia's illness was caught one morning. He vomited after drinking tea. Although it was not yet time for his physical abnormality to be noticed, a loose Sri was coming into his body. Slightly pressed cheeks are becoming fuller, eyebrows seem to be more black, eyes have become brighter, there is a normal slowness in movement. The wife of the headmaster of the school came to visit one day and said, look, wife, how your daughter is walking - just like a pregnant woman.

The words pierced my chest. Something has to be done and very soon. Before everyone knows and understands. One day is going by, moving towards uncertainty. Everyone. But what can be done? Dad must have thought of something. I want to ask him once, but I don't dare. We are very afraid of my father.

I heard that night. The father says in a hushed voice, kill the girl by eating poison. Mother said, shit, father said this? Dad muttered, "I'm not feeling well, Sanu, you don't mind." My crazy girl! I heard my father sigh. Didn't sleep until many nights. Mine. Once Rabia woke up. Katar said in a hushed voice, baby.

What? Shall I go to the bathroom?


What happened? Feeling bad?




Have you dreamed?


What dream?

I don't remember.

Go to sleep, it will be good.


Rabea lay down again. At that moment he sat up and said, baby.


The escape has come.

Who came?

Escape. Open the door and see him sitting on the verandah. I heard the call.

We both opened the door and came out. Where? Eating around. Rabeya dakal, pala, pala.

Mother said, who speaks?

I am Rabia, mother.

Dad scolded, go go, go to sleep! What do you do so late at night?

Hearing the sound, Master Kaka came out.

What happened baby?

Rabeya says, I was calling Pala uncle.

Go to bed, where will Pala come from so late at night?

In bed, Rabea said, baby, will you buy a leather belt for Pala? I'll tie it around my neck.


Will you buy another long chain?


Well, give me one more thing?

What thing?

I don't remember the name. Will you give it?

I'll give it to you.

When? Tomorrow?

No, get the job first.

Dad said, what are you doing Vajra Vajra? Sleep. I work all day and sleep, even if there is peace.

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Your family is a very beautiful family, may your family be happy.

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thank you so much for your good wishes....

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