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Montu was sentenced to death on the 17th. Murder in the cold head, a lot of eye witnesses. The son of conscience who went to college. The judge ordered in a hurry.

Auntie's petition on September 9 was rejected. I learned that he would be hanged on the morning of the 18th. If you want to take his body, you have to stand in front of the jail gate with the letter of the jailor in your hand.

I went to meet Montu with my father, mother and Runu.

Montu has become thin. Seeing us, he smiled unrealistically. Said, Grandpa, has there been any response to the Mercy-Petition?

Didn't he understand and tell her? Well done. I said, no Ray, hasn't come yet.

Mom, Runu and Dad were crying. Montu said, why are you crying? I know I will not be hanged. I saw my mother in a dream last night. Mother says, why is the baby scared? You will not be hanged.

I said, Montu, a girl came to you like a patient.

Montu said, she is Yasmin, fall with me.

Everyone was silent for a while. Montu broke the silence, looked at Runu and said with a smile, Runu Mia does not want to die.

Dad said in a trembling voice, what do you want to eat Ray?

Dad gives well. I used to give nonsense. Rose wants to know for a few days - what do you want to eat today? Dad, a very good man in this prison district, sent me a book by Shivram, which is a laugh!

Mother said, Montu, do you want to eat anything at home?

No mom, they cook a lot here.

Sepai came and said, it's been a long time, will you talk more?

Dad said no. Baba kissed Montu's hand a few times. How many times Montu Kashal. She seemed a little embarrassed. Coming out, Montu suddenly called out, Grandpa, you stay a while.

I came back and grabbed Montu's hand. Montu said nothing. I said, say something?


Tell me something about Yasmin?



Montu smiled a little. He said, "I love you very much, grandfather."

Dense darkness under the trees. What tree is it? Pretty messy. Numerous birds have nested. I am getting their response. Moonlight bathing in the vast field in the back. The moon will sink in a while. The prison sentry is smoking two cigarettes. I can see two sparks of fire moving. They don't look good. From a distance it looks like a shadow-shadow idol. One hundred power lamps are burning just above the head gate of the jail. Many insects have crowded around the lamp. Dad said, baby, what time is it? Dad put his hand on his chest as he spoke. He has the letter of the jailer in his book-pocket. As soon as they show it, they will hand over Montu to us. We will take Montu back home. At home, where my mother has been reading the Qur'an all night.

The bath outside has been moonlit. The moon will sink in a while. My father and I are sitting on the cold cement bench announcing. Dark trees on the head. Dad sat motionless. I can hear the sound of his rapid breathing. He wanted to know a little earlier.

We would all occasionally sit on the cold floor and watch the moonlight outside. What flowers do not bloom in Hamuhena tree! There is a jackfruit tree in the field in front of our house. There are many fireflies burning and extinguished. Nahar Bhabhi played the song Jonaki Jhikimiki Jwalo Alo.

Our polar nose was as cold as a cement floor. Montu said, Grandpa, why is the dog's nose so cold?

Master Kaka used to sit outside and watch the stars in the sky. He used to say, baby, I can tell the time when I see them.

Rabia was angry one day and said mother I am the eldest, but no one greets me on the day of Eid.

I'm looking overwhelmed. I'm cold. Dad called out in a heavy voice, baby, baby.

What dad?

What's wrong? I took my father's hand. What a cool hand. Dad is trembling. Suddenly from the bushes above our heads, innumerable crows flew over the prison.

It is dawn. I saw that the moon had set. But the faint moonlight lying like a sheet on the field is no more.

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Great article my Dear friend.

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you are most welcome dear

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