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I have been watching my mother for a few days now. Just as the shadow of fatigue falls on the whole body after the cure of a major disease. He has grown old, he has worked inhumanely to pull the broken wheel family, his body and mind must be tired. Yet I do not like his helplessness. Maybe very soon I will get a good job. I want to make everyone happy. I will go to Sitakunda once with my mother. When I was in college, I went with Kabandhu once. So beautiful, so amazing! The sea can be seen far from the Chandranath hills. Mother must not be able to climb Chandranath hill. We will all go up, leaving Mom and Dad down. Dad might want to get up too. If you can get up just before evening, you can see the sunset! I will take record player, I will also take many records.

Baby, and baby.

What a mother.

Nothing, let's talk with you, come on!

Sit down, you work all day.

Where else to work?

Your health is very broken, mother.

And health!

Mother sat in front of me. There is dark ink in the corner of his eye. He paused and said, I didn't sleep last night either, baby.

Why didn't you call me, I had the medicine.

I called twice, you were sleeping.

Mother sighed. I see a lot of sleep. I fell asleep at nine o'clock at night, woke up at eight o'clock the next day. Mother said, I will go to your great aunt once with Rabia.

What's the matter?

Let's turn around a little.

I understand you have found a peerab?

Mom looked out the window. I saw the thin skin of my mother's nose trembling. My mother suddenly seemed very childish to me. I said, what do you think so much day and night?

Where, I do not think anything. A cup of tea?

This afternoon.

Don't eat. I used to want a lot of tea.

Mother got up and left. There is a clear change inside Mar. The body is certainly not healthy. My mother would have been shown a great doctor. Runu's school holiday is at 4:30. Today he appeared at noon. Laughing, he said, Grandpa, the school holidays are over.

That morning! What's the matter

Morning school from today. I went to school at seven in the morning. You sleep then. Wow, you can sleep so much.

Mother entered with tea. Runu said, don't give me a cup mother.

Bring another cup and share.

No, then stay. Grandpa Khak.

Ah, no.

Runu sat down with tea to one side. I thought for a moment about what to sip. Said, mother is hungry, Rana mother today?

Fish. Have to eat tea with hunger?

Nothing will happen to him, mother. Well, I saw you riding a rickshaw with my father. Where?

I don't know where. Runu, stop your mango and jackfruit.

It's late, from the fifteenth of the next month.

I'm going to visit your aunt's house. Will you stay then?

What is he, who will go with you mother?

Me, Rabia and your father.

That's it! I understand canceled?

I laughed at Runu's words. Everyone. Runu looked at me and said, Grandpa, if you have a job, will you take me for a walk?

Of course.

But I will go to Cox's Bazar. Shilura went last time.

That's enough.

And the day you get your first paycheck:

Runu that day?

I have to pay ten rupees that day. Will you give it?

Yes, what?

I will not say now.

Runu has become a little taller, the stars in her eyes also seem to be deeper black. There is also a little excitement. That day I saw him standing in front of the mirror for a long time and combing his hair. What he realizes is a flood of form on his eyelids, his yellow cheeks, his icy smooth chin. With that hidden key of youth, nature is opening an unknown house one by one in front of him. I see him reading novels almost at night. One by one he cried with a handkerchief over his eyes as he read. I say, what happened Runu?

Where, nothing happened.

Why are you crying

I'm crying, no.

Let's see what book I was reading.

Runu looks up at the book. According to the floating cry, nothing. There comes a time in life when all are overwhelmed with intense feelings. When I get my first salary, I will buy a nice sari for Runu. White floral design on green texture. I used to look up to Roll Number Thatin.

After many days I saw Shilu. Everyone went to Chatga together. Returned after several days. Shanti Cottage did not look sad for so many days. I used to see the old doorman of Shanti Cottage sitting alone in the verandah, lighting a lamp in the evening. After getting an empty house, the children of the neighborhood are appearing to play hide and seek in the morning and afternoon.

Don't ruin the flowers, O lucky children.

The tone of the protest is as sad as the empty bay. Sometimes Rabeya would appear like a storm. From outside the gate shouted sharply - this is the doorman, this is the old man.

What a girl. Mom?

Where have they gone?

To travel.

Went on a trip?

The doorman smiled. He used to say in a reassuring manner, Apamani will come again.

When will you come? Tomorrow?

Will come on the sixteenth.

No, I have to come tomorrow. Can you bring them to the station?

Yes, you.

I'm with you.


Will you take me?

Yes, I'll take you, I'll go. Apamani.

Give me a guava.

The old man looking for guava is happy with the long akshi. Guava has been planted in the bushes on the garage.

Looking at the empty house, I was waiting with the same interest as Rabia. When will Shilu come, whom I call Karuna in my mind. Karuna will be standing in the garden like a picture, singing at his own whim. Look at our house and call softly, Runu, Runu, are you at home?

I was waiting for this. I have no idea about love. But I have hidden love in my chest.

After how many days I saw Shilu.

Meet me as soon as I get out of the car. He said in a very soft voice, were you all good? Runu is good?

Similarly, with a long face, eyebrows drawn towards the forehead, speaking in a distracted manner, he suddenly stopped and looked the other way. My heart pounded, and I had a strange difficulty looking straight into Shilu's eyes. I said, are you good Shilu?


Shilu's mother was looking at me sideways as she was unloading her belongings. Even in old age, he painted his lips and face. She looked ridiculous in the shiny sari she wore regardless of age, but still she was Shilu's mother, I looked at her politely.

Nahar bhabi got down at the end of all. He has become very beautiful. The smooth skin of the skin is glowing. Sweat is glistening on the dots on the nose. In the sun. Nahar's sister-in-law saw me and shouted in a childish manner, "I thought of you."

I also thought. - When will you come!

Where are Runu and Rabeya?

Runu at school. Rabea has gone out to visit.

I have brought many story books for Runu. Bought a lot of new records.

Shilu's mother said coldly, the sun will catch your head, go inside and sit down, girls.

Shilu, I secretly call you Karuna. I want to do a lot for you. How much I think of you every night. As if you have a serious illness. Lying down, counting the days of death. Suddenly one day I went and stood by your bed. You said like a child, you came after so many days?

I said, you never called me Shilu. I would come whenever I was called. You smile with pale lips. I sat next to you. The wind is blowing through the windows. Your reddish hair is trembling in the wind. I put my hand on your head. You know I had an autopsy. It whistled just like a human, broke the cage and fled.

What a ridiculous boyish thought! How many days it would have been night to think. Dogs found in the street barking. Master Kaka used to wake up and talk to himself.

My friend Ramiz married a married lady. The girl fled with Ramiz, leaving her husband and two young children behind. The lady's husband died of grief and shame. Upon hearing this, I hated Ramiz. Many days later, when Shilura went out in the dark, it seemed as if Ramiz did nothing wrong.

I don't know the source of love. Ashfaq used to say that love is a mere desire, a term of sexual attraction. But I don't think so. Shilu will never be asleep wrapped around my neck. I never think of such an idea.

One day Shilu will be old. His hair will be twisted, his teeth will be blackened by insect bites, he will be able to see in the blink of an eye with cataracts. Thirty years ago, when a sensitive young boy was getting ears, when that soft voice could be heard, Grandpa, Runu is at home?

How emotional I have become lately. Mom tries to understand me from time to time. Runu often looks at me for a long time. Maybe I misunderstood. Yet what is his attitude. As if trying to find out something. He said irrelevantly that day, "Do you think Shilu is very intelligent, grandfather?"

I tried desperately to keep myself normal enough and said yes.

Do you like him?

It takes.

But, do you know what he says?

What do you say?

Seeing your grandfather is a fool, isn't it?

Needless to say, I was sorry that day. Someone is calling me a fool, not for that. He doesn't know my deepest feelings, that's why. My idea, Shilu. When you know everything, you will surely see me with different eyes. I said, I'm sorry to hear that, Runu?


Is Shilu your best friend?

Yes, good friend.

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