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The much-desired letter arrived. Despite the official seal, nothing was understood. And as I opened the ten envelopes, I opened the landscape. They are calling me. I got a lectureship in chemistry, in a college. Initial salary is four and a half hundred rupees, yearly five hundred rupees increment. How unfamiliar the writings seemed. I am very happy. Such a feeling was not coming. But I am really happy. And I want to make everyone happy. I want to take everyone for a walk in the hills of Sitakunda, I want to give Bunu a dark green sari, as I have seen on roll number Thatin. Now maybe everything is in my hands, but where is that immense happiness, insane joy all over the body? We have become human beings after suffering a lot. Our children could not satisfy any desire of my parents. Our desire has given them sorrow. Today I will add a layer of peace to all pain and sorrow. I got Aladdin's lamp in my hand, the powerful monster in my hand.

My mother has a job.

Mother came running. After a long time, his eyes filled with joy. He said, let's see. I handed him the letter. Mother doesn't know how to read, but she saw it upside down. He was moving as if he had something very expensive in his hand. Mother said, how much is the salary?

Four and a half hundred.

What do you say? So much.

I said in a contemptuous manner, where more? I was ashamed to say that. I know very well, I have a lot of money. Mother said, this time I will marry you.

What that said.

Will have to bring quite a lucky girl. Beautiful but simple, like the Nahar girl.

Mother plunged into the sea of ​​happiness in her imagination.

Will you live in the city?

That has to be done.

Well, I'll go to you sometimes.

Sometimes why, stay all the time.

No, Bapu, I will not leave the family.

Mother smiled like a child. I said, what will I give you first salary mother?

Buy your father a coat, the previous one was ruined by insects.

I will give the father to the father, what about you?

My mother said secretly, bring me a little wife.

Master Kakao was happy to hear the news. His happiness is always silent. This time he rejoiced a little. He bought a lot of sweets with his own money. Too sweet. Eat as much as you want. Uncle said, when happiness starts to come, the ban of happiness is called, look baby, how much happiness you will have.

Runu came from school and said, Grandpa, are you married?

Who said Ray?

Mom, hee hee.

Hee hee hee, no? What if I marry you?

Go, empty joke. Who will you marry, grandfather?

Let's see!

I know who I'm thinking.

Whose word?

Not about Sheila?

You're crazy!

Even though I was blown away by negligence, I realized that my ears were turning red. Feeling uncomfortable. Why did Shilu suddenly like that? The more times I see him, the more my chest throbs. I feel pain like a wonderful happiness. Who understands and shouts all over the body. I laughed a little and said, who cares about your Shilu?

No, that's what I'm saying, mother. Big good girl Shilu.

Hmmm. Who will you marry Runu?

Go, grandpa, it won't be good.

I have a friend, a very good boy -

Grandpa, I will cry this time.

Montu was dropped from the festivities. He has gone to his grandfather's house, he will come tomorrow. Dad came at nine o'clock at night. Mother did not give the news to the father to eat sweets.

What's so sweet?

There is one thing.

Dad ate sweets half-heartedly, not showing interest in knowing the matter. Mother said to herself, Khoka has got a job. Four hundred and fifty rupees.

Dad was happy. He stopped and said, well done. I will quit my job this time. It's old, I can't. Rabeya, where is Rabeya?

Sleepy, body bad.

Didn't you eat rice?

No, just ate a dessert.

Ahh! I said to keep on an empty stomach, sweet মি or why?

I fell asleep that morning. At one o'clock in the night, my mother called me like crazy, baby, and baby. Get up quickly. Oh baby, baby.

At a very young age, in the middle of the night, my mother called me desperately. There was an earthquake then. Within forty yards from our house, the old house left by the river masters collapsed. Mother's terrified call this late night reminded me of an earthquake. As soon as I opened the door and came out, my mother said, come to my house, come quickly.

What happened?

Mother became intolerant. He grabbed my hand and pulled me away. The door opened, and I saw Rabia lying on her mother's bed. Dad is staring at his head like a cow. The floor is floating in blood. I stopped. Abortion or not? What did you do with whom? Or have you fed yourself something? Dad said in a hushed voice, "Baby, you blow your head a little, I'll bring a big doctor." The blood is not stopping.

One doctor came. Seriously injected.

I know your daughter.

Dad grabbed the doctor's hand, big sad girl, you save the doctor, doctor.

The doctor did not even go on borrowing sentiment. Went with a pile of medicine. Asked to do two more injections in the morning. He will come at ten o'clock.

Dad gasped and said, no one knows the doctor?

The doctor said, value is the next thing, let the girl live first.

Rabea chuckled and said, mother, what happened to me?

Nothing happened, it will get better, lie down quietly.

Why does the chest feel empty?

Mom will get better, eat a little milk?


I stood stunned. A vertical shadow fell on the room. I looked and saw Master Kaka standing outside the door. He coughed a little. The father cried and said, Sharif Mia, save my daughter.

Master Kaka said softly, I will bring a very big doctor from the city. Baby, get your bike out.

I said, I go crow?

No, you can't say. You stay

Dad scolded, don't listen to him. He's a crazy goat. You go Go by yourself.

When did Runu come? She is standing next to me and trembling. An uncomfortable smell of stagnant blood in the house. Rabea lay down with her eyes closed. His face does not look fair. Dad said, mother Rabu, have some milk.


I will give water to the head, mother?

No, Dad.

Rabea looked at her father. Said, father.

What mother?

Why does my chest feel empty?

Mom will be fine.

Will you put your hand on my chest a little? Here?

Thus the dawn came. Montu L at six.

He became paralyzed. Dad went to get the injector. Rabea looked at Montu and said, Montu has made me sick.

Montu looked around in amazement. Rabea said again, Montu, my chest feels empty.

Montu put his hand on Rabea's head. Mother is crying silently. Runu is standing next to my body and trembling. The morning sun has come down on the clotted black blood. Rabea called me, baby, and baby.

I am standing next to him. The body of Rabia, covered in a blue sheet, is lying motionless. A fly is buzzing near Rabea's nose. Rabea suddenly said, I don't see Pala. And baby, where is Ray? Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i'll tell ya. Surprisingly, Rabea died quietly at nine o'clock in the afternoon. Then what a bright light of winter morning around!

Last year we went to visit my great aunt's house. Nina, the daughter of the great aunt, also came to her mother. The first pregnant girl. Mother brought it to herself. Nina Apa is walking around feeling happy. The first child will be born, what a profound joy in her eyes. If it is a boy, I will name it Kingshuk, if it is a girl, Rakhi. Nina Apa said with a laugh. Encouraged by this, Rabia said, I will also name my son Kingshuk. We all laughed. Rabeya, you are lying wrapped in a blue sheet. Yellow sun is falling on your face. That boy named Kingshuk is lying on your chest. That book seemed empty a little earlier.

Master Kaka came back at twelve o'clock. With the great doctor brought from the city. And Montu, during the day and at noon, tossed Master Kaka among many people with a fish-cutting stick. Two or three people came running from the liquor store. A rickshaw puller left the rickshaw and ran away. Jasim, the eldest son of Overseas' uncle, came running. The doctor started shouting, help! Help! As soon as I heard the screams and came out, I saw Montu standing with a stick in his hand. How many people are holding him from behind. A thick stream of blood is flowing down the drain. Montu looked at me and said, "Grandpa, I killed him."

I remember one day Montu beat a huge snake under the Hasnuhena tree.

Everyone was sitting around Rabia. As soon as I entered, Nahar's sister-in-law said, why is there so much noise outside?

I looked at my mother, mother, Montu had just killed Master Kaka. You came out. Everyone is taking Montu to the police station.

Under the Hasnuhena tree, Montu killed a huge moon snake. Round purple circle on the head of the snake. Tall on four arms. Montu, carrying the dead snake on a stick, stood in the yard and the little children started jumping for joy. Rabea laughed happily and said, Montu, give me the stick.

Paula was barking with joy. Sometimes he would jump up and come back to bite the snake. Rabea looked at Pala and sighed, "This Pala is this, I will slap you."

Everyone took the snake to be buried in the pond. Rabea at the front of the procession. The snake is hanging horizontally on the stick in his hand. Montu was walking with the team with Pala. The grave was dug long for the snake. Montu sat sadly on the pond.

After killing Kaka, Montu was held by everyone. Jassi was holding Montu's hand tightly and shouting, report to the police. Report to the police. The fishing rod is bent and lying on the grass. There are no blood stains. From where Kaka was lying, a thick stream of blood was slowly flowing down the drain. Montu looked at me and said, "Grandpa, I killed him."

Montu stood silently. Lots of people were gathering around and giggling. The fat doctor was screaming with a broken throat, Help! Help! A panshoot-colored dog was trying to crowd the dead body.

Montu's dog was white. A black dot near the throat. Montu brought the dog from Kanchanpur. In a few days he accepted a very good pet. Montu made him a nice house with tools. I named the dog Pala. Rabea bought it from Montu with eight annas. Montu did not want to sell. But Rabea was insisting, I will buy Montu Pala.

No. Apa, I will not sell Pala.

Ah, don't give it to Montu. I will pay eight annas. Don't give up.

I said I will not sell.

Give it to Montu, why are you doing that?

Rabea is always on the move with Pala. Familiar. He used to go to the house and say, Auntie, give me some milk. Ah, add sugar. Does anyone just eat milk?

Montu has a tea one day. Where did the baby bird come from? It was very nice to see the baby. The bird was kept in a cage on the verandah. One day he died of a cold. Montu did not eat rice at one time due to bird show.

Montu and Master Kaka lived in the smallest room. It is better not to have light in the room. Sultry hot during the summer. There is no way for the wind to come. How are Montu's detention days now? Montu is now nineteen, twelve after seven. Twelve years he and Master Kaka have spent together in a house. Is he missing Master Kakar? I heard after the murder. Many become panicked. The face of the murdered man day and night, the scene of the murder floats in front of the eyes. Montu will not be like that. His big hard nerve. Montu's mother, the day our great-grandmother died, Montu simply passed that day. The next day he went to watch a football match in Shimultala village without telling anyone at home. The age was young. It may not have been the wisdom to understand grief. But I don't think it's for the younger generation. Like Baroma, he had a nerve as hard as steel. Montu looks a lot like Baroma. His manner of asking, his manner of speaking, are all like grandma's. There is a joint picture of Baroma and Dad in my father's bedroom. Wedding pictures. Montu can be recognized by looking at that picture. The picture has become blurred due to the accumulation of dirt on the glass. Yet the pictures of Baroma's girl age attract us. August 4th is a festival in our home. I said wrong, there is a mourning ceremony. Milad is taught after Maghrib. Baba visited Baroma's grave. One or two fakirmiskins are fed. Haumau cried for a while remembering the day of Baba Baroma's death. His grief must be sincere, but how ridiculous it all seems. Especially on this day, the mother walks around in fear with black face. Seeing his thoughts, it seems that his mother is responsible for this day of mourning on the 4th of August. The father got angry with the mother for the most trivial matter that day. I'm in trouble. Baroma is a man of great respect to all of us. Rabea and I couldn't sleep without hugging him for a long time. When he was old, Montu came in his lap. Rabia and I were exiled to the house in the south, but he would sometimes come and say, baby, you are with me today. You used to make so much noise to sleep with me before, now that big silence?

That I grew up.

Oh, what a big boy.

Baroma wrapped her nose around her neck in her birfi-cut blouse and whispered every evening, Baroma told the story. Ghost stories.

Baroma would tell stories slowly in a soft voice, we were small then. Not older than twelve years. Going to grandma's house. Everyone. Bhadra month, the river is full to the brim. The boat sailed all day. It's evening. The sailors tied the boat with an old palm tree and cooked. At that time Rustam says that the old man was in the middle, did he shout loudly, what is it? As soon as I heard that, I grabbed my father. I do not have the courage to look at the palm tree. Baroma would stop talking, we would get fussy, why stop, tell the ball soon.

I was terrified to hear the story. What a strange way of telling his story! I didn't like my father's noise on the day of Baroma's death. I thought silent grief might be better than style. I said to myself, Grandma, your son is in great danger today.

Yes, Montu is in big trouble today. Great terrible danger.


I don't remember.



B. A.


I do not lie.

Mine. I








I remained silent.





Yes, no.

Yes, no.

What did he say?


I go.


Do you understand?

Why Ray?

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