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Aromatic herb of the genus Zingiberaceae used as ginger spice b Zingier officinale. It is a native species of Southeast Asia. The rhizome is yellowish on the outside, light greenish-yellow on the inside. The large stalks of large arranged leaves have a broad stalk up to 15 cm long.

In Bangladesh, about 19,055 acres of land yield about 49,405 MT of ginger per year. Ginger is widely used as a spice and pickle ingredient. Ginger also has medicinal properties. Ginger is cultivated in rain-fed highlands and downhill hills. Ginger is grown in Dinajpur, Rangpur, Tangail and Rangamati districts.

Ginger is very beneficial for the body. It contains anti-bacterial agents, which destroy germs in the body. Helps to relieve fever, sore throat and headache. However, raw ginger has more nutritional value than cooking. Ginger relieves migraine pain and diabetic kidney complications.

Let's learn about the various properties of ginger -

1 / Ginger is useful in fever, chills, pain. This is because there are some ingredients that help maintain balance in body temperature. So you can eat ginger tea when it is cold in winter.

2 / Problems like asthma, migraine are often seen during the change of seasons. Put ginger in the diet at this time. If you put ginger in your mouth during the outbreak of cold and cough, you will get relief.

3 / Chew a few pieces of ginger to get relief from nausea and vomiting. The problem will be reduced a lot.

4 / Accumulation of bad cholesterol and fatty acids in the arterial wall can cause coronary heart disease. As a result, there is difficulty in blood circulation. Ginger helps in blood circulation. Ginger helps in lowering cholesterol absorption in the liver and blood.

5 / Ginger also helps to lose excess weight. As tissues consume more energy, more calories are burned.

7 / Ginger rich in antioxidants helps prevent cancer and heart problems. Ginger is especially beneficial in preventing ovarian cancer.

There is a collection of 100 grams -

Energy: 60 calories

Carbohydrates: 16 grams

Fat: 0.75 g

Potassium: 415 mg

Phosphorus: 34 mg

Some more medicinal aspects of ginger -

1. If you suffer from arthritis, try to keep a small amount of ginger in your diet throughout the day. You can have tea with ginger, you can mix ginger thin, long pieces in salad. The pain problem will gradually decrease. You can try ginger by reducing the habit of taking painkillers frequently. Ginger oil is beneficial in reducing the pain of arthritis.

2. Ginger helps pregnant women reduce morning sickness.

3. Ginger helps in digestion.

Warning -

1. If you have a problem with gallstones, ask your doctor how much ginger to eat.

2. Do not eat more than 250 grams of ginger throughout the day during pregnancy. It is recommended to consult a doctor.

Who will avoid ginger?

1. Pregnancy:

Ginger acts as a strong stimulant in the body. That's why when pregnant women eat ginger, the risk of premature birth is increased. Ginger should be avoided by pregnant women. Especially in the last weeks of pregnancy, ginger naib naib f.

2. Those who want to gain weight:

While ginger is especially beneficial for those who want to lose weight, those who are lean and eager to gain weight should avoid ginger. Because ginger reduces hunger. Ginger is also very helpful in the process of melting body fat. That is why those who want to gain weight, ginger will not be of any use to them.

3. People who take medications to control diabetes and high blood pressure:

Although ginger is effective in reducing the level of diabetes, those who take regular medications to control diabetes should delete ginger from their diet charts forever. The same goes for patients with high blood pressure. Ginger should also be avoided by those who regularly take medication to control blood pressure.

How to eat ginger -

1. Grind with a little water. Boil ginger juice and ginger in hot water for a while. Use this water to make tea.

2. Ginger was, add a little lemon juice. This mixture works very well in digestion.

3. You can eat 50 grams of ginger throughout the day. You can eat half a teaspoon of powdered ginger 3 times a day. Cut the ginger into thin slices. Add a little salt, pepper.

4. Boil water. This time boil it once more with milk, spices, ginger juice and tea leaves. Serve with sugar in cups. You can spread a little cardamom powder on top.

5. Make a syrup with ginger to help digestion. Blend together cumin powder, beet salt, ginger juice, lemon juice, cold water. Made ginger syrup. You can eat this syrup after lunch or dinner.

. Put ginger pieces, salt and pepper in vinegar for a few days. Can be eaten as a pickle while eating.

Lesson - 2

There is a cure for all diseases in nature. It is possible to get rid of many diseases just by knowing and obeying. Let's find out today some medicinal properties of ginger.

Ginger is basically the root of the tree. The use of ginger as a spice makes all foods delicious, absolutely bringing water to the tongue. Realization has extraordinary healing power. After writing the first episode about the benefits of ginger, today is the second episode.

1. Ginger tea can be eaten if you have headache and high blood pressure. Blood pressure will return to normal. Headaches will also be relieved.

2. Ginger reduces maternal nausea to some extent.

3. Pain in the joints of the body. Ginger is crushed and eaten. Get comfortable.

4. Leukemia? Apply ginger paste three to four times a day. You will benefit from regular use for four to 12 weeks.

5. Regular ginger will give you endless vitality. The disease will be reduced.

. Not digesting food? Roll in the stomach, drink water. Get comfortable

. Eat raw ginger after the operation. Get well soon.

. If you have a cold, crush ginger and rub it on your nose with a handkerchief The closed nose will open.

9. Even if you give a piece of ginger in the mouth of children while traveling, you will see that there is no nausea.

10. If women get cancer in the ovaries, eating ginger destroys the cancer cells.

Lesson - 3

It is no longer unknown that ginger is not just a spice to enhance the taste and aroma of cooking. Almost everyone is well aware of the medicinal properties of ginger. Eating ginger for various physical problems can get rid of the problem quite quickly. Even regular ginger eating habits can relieve some of the deadly diseases.

Don't try to eat ginger regularly, you will find solutions to many physical problems. That is why it is very important for everyone to know the properties of ginger and its use in curing physical problems.

1) Nausea or vomiting a lot? Chew ginger and drink it or mix a little salt with ginger juice. Get instant solutions.

2) The problem of heartburn can start in a hurry due to incontinence and over-fried food. Do one thing, squeeze 2 inches of ginger in 2 cups of water and make it like tea. Heartburn will be reduced.

3) The problem of blockage of blood flow due to plaque accumulation in the arteries is called atherosclerosis. You can get rid of this deadly problem by eating ginger regularly. Eat a little ginger every day to stay away from this problem.

4) Feeling very weak? Whatever the cause of weakness, eat a little ginger. You will get a lot of energy. Then consult a doctor to get help in knowing the cause of weakness.

5) Ginger juice works like a painkiller. You can apply ginger juice directly on the affected area or drink it, you will get good benefits in both ways.

6) The habit of eating half-boiled eggs with new ginger increases male fertility and increases sperm count.

7) Ginger rich in natural antihistamines and antibiotics enhances our immunity. If you make a habit of eating ginger regularly, it is possible to get rid of many minor diseases.

6) Not wanting to eat or suffering from hunger? Then eat ginger 30 minutes before eating. This will eliminate hunger and return to appetite.

9) Ginger anti-inflammatory ingredients are especially effective in relieving bone pain. Bathing with ginger oil in warm water also relieves muscle pain.

10) Ginger solves digestive problems and helps to relieve abdominal pain. If you drink 1 cup of ginger tea every morning, you will be free from flatulence or indigestion for the whole day.

Lesson - 4

Many people know about the incomparable 6 health benefits of one cup of ginger juice. Ginger not only creates a distinct taste and odor in food but also protects against the common cold, cough, indigestion, sore throat and some other ailments. If you don't like chewing ginger, you can eat it with ginger juice. Let's learn about the benefits of eating ginger juice.

1. Diabetes control

Ginger contains antidiabetic ingredients. Studies have shown that ginger helps lower blood glucose levels, as well as those who do not have diabetes. 1 cup of ginger juice also regulates glucose levels on an empty stomach.

2. Delays mental age growth

The extract contains phenol and flavonoid ingredients. Ginger also has neuroprotective properties. Ginger juice helps increase protein levels to keep the brain healthy. As a result, it works against various problems of old age such as Alzheimer's and other mental problems.

3. Fights cancer

The whole extract contains a variety of bioactive phenolics and non-volatile pancreatic ingredients such as gingerols, paradolus, shogayol and gingerones. Studies have shown that ginger juice contains carcinogens. Ginger juice helps in the management of prostate cancer.

4. GI protects against cancer

Experimental studies have shown that ginger and its active ingredients ৬-gingerol and ৬-shogayol work against gastrointestinal cancer.

5. Lowers cholesterol

Since ginger works on glucose levels, it is thought that ginger can also lower cholesterol levels.

. Reduces the pain of arthritis

One study found that ginger juice contains painkillers. Ginger helps patients with chronic knee pain to reduce pain.

How to make ginger juice-

Wash a ginger well and cut it into small pieces. Then grind the ginger well with a little water in a mixer. Then separate the chopped rostuku. Mix lemon juice and honey in between, ginger juice is made.

Lesson - 5

Ginger paste or ginger paste is usually used to enhance the taste of food. But did you know that ginger is especially useful for enhancing the taste of food as well as for the well-being of our body?

There are also great benefits to eating raw ginger. Let's find out today about all the great benefits of ordinary ginger.

1) Not wanting to eat at all? Feeling sick when you see food? No problem. Eat 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger powder before eating. The taste in the mouth will come back.

2) Ginger oil can help if you have pain in the joints of the hands and feet. Boil ginger in a little olive oil for 5 minutes. When it is cold, massage it with this oil on the joints of hands and feet. Ginger will relieve pain with anti-inflammatory ingredients.

3) The habit of eating only 1 inch of ginger powder per day helps to prevent sinus problems.

4) Feeling nauseous? Or dizziness? Slice a little ginger and chew it with salt. You will see that the nausea is completely gone.

5) If you get pain due to digestive problems, eat ginger powder. Ginger is also very effective in relieving gas problems.

6) Ginger increases the body's ability to properly absorb food nutrients. So everyone should make a habit of eating ginger in small amounts every day.

6) Cold and phlegm in the chest? Having trouble breathing? Boil ginger in 2 cups of water. When the water is half-heated, strain it and mix it with 1 tablespoon of honey and drink it. Get quite comfortable. Keep drinking this ginger tea till the problem of cold and cough goes away.

6) The impression of age is falling on the skin? Do one thing and make it a habit to chew a little raw ginger every day. Ginger contains anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants that eliminate toxins from the body and increase blood circulation in the body to prevent the impression of age on the skin for a long time.

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