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Binodini began to think to herself, "What's the matter! Pride, not anger, or fear? Want to show me, don't you care for me? Will you stay home? Let's see how long you can stay?"

But Binodini also had a restless feeling in her mind.

He was tying Mahendra to different sides and piercing him with various arrows every day, he went to work and Binodini seemed to pass by. All his intoxication was gone from home. Mahendra-deprived hope is utterly tasteless to him. Mahendra's affection for Asha - the care that always aroused Binodini's unrequited love - there was a sense of excitement in the pain that kept Binodini's detached imagination awake. The Mahendra who has deprived her of all the success of her life, the Mahendra who has neglected his femininity and embraced the weak-minded girl of hope, the one who loves her, the one who loves her, the one who hates her, the one who does not punish her severely, the one who understands No. An irritating Mahendra has ignited in him, it is neither a mixture of violence nor love, nor a mixture of the two, Binodini does not think of it; He said with a sharp smile in his mind, "Has any woman been in such a state like me. I could not understand whether I wanted to die or not." But for whatever reason, whether he gets burnt or burnt, Mahendra desperately needs him. Where will he deliver his poisoned firearms in the world. He will return. She is mine. "

Under the pretext of cleaning Asha's house, in the evening, Mahendra's sitting room, oil-stained head, Mahendra's sitting chair, paper-scattered desk, his books, his pictures, etc., were repeatedly moving and scrubbing the area. In this way, all the things of Mahendra were touched in various forms, kept once, picked up once, and spent the evening of hope. Binodini slowly came to him and stood up; Asha was a little embarrassed and left her work to be done, pretending to be looking for something. Binodini asked seriously, "What's wrong with you, brother!"

Asha smiled a little and said, "Nothing, brother."

Binodini then hugged Asha and said, "Why brother Bali, why did Thakurpo leave like that."

At this question of Asha Binodini, the skeptic replied with suspicion, "You know, brother, you have said that he has done special work in college."

Binodini lifted the chin of hope in her right hand as if melted with pity, stared at her face once and sighed.

Asha's heart sank. He called himself a fool and Binodini was intelligent. Seeing Binodini's thoughts, suddenly his world became dark. He did not dare to ask any question to the entertainer. Sitting on a sofa near the wall. Binodini also sat next to him and held Asha close to her chest with her strong arms. Sakhi could no longer restrain her hope in that embrace, tears began to fall from her eyes. The blind beggar was playing the tambourine at the door,

"Charantarani de ma, tarini tara."

Bihari came looking for Mahendra and saw him approaching the door - Asha was crying, and Binodini was hugging him and slowly wiping his eyes. Seeing this, Bihari moved away from there. He went to the empty room next door and sat in the dark. He clasped his head in both palms and began to think, why would Asha cry. Who in the world is a heretic who can make a girl cry, even if she is incapable of committing the slightest crime? After that, as Binodini was comforting him, she said to herself, "I misunderstood Binodini. She is a mortal goddess in comfort in service, in selfless friendship."

Bihari sat in the dark for a long time. When the blind man's song stopped, Bihari stepped out loudly and walked towards Kashiya, Mahendra's house. As soon as he did not go to the door, Asha pulled the veil and hurried towards the inner city.

As soon as he entered the room, Binodini said, "What is this Biharibabu! What has made you sick?"

Bihari. Nothing.

Entertainment. Why are the eyes so red?

Bihari did not answer him, "Binod-bothan, where did Mahendra go?"

Binodini said with a serious look on her face, "I heard that he is staying at the college because he has to work in the hospital. Bihari Babu, move a little, I will come."

Absent Bihari stood at the entrance blocking the path of entertainment. Startled, he quickly left the road. Talking to Binodini in a lonely room in the evening was not pleasant in the eyes of the people, he suddenly remembered. As Binodini left, Bihari hurriedly said, "Binod-Bothan, look at Asha. She is simple, she doesn't know how to hurt anyone, she can't save herself from being hurt."

Bihari could not see Binodini's face in the darkness, she started playing the electricity of violence on her face. Seeing Bihari today, he understood that his heart ached with pity for hope. No one is entertaining himself! He was born to cover hope, to lift the thorn in the path of hope, to complete all the happiness of hope! Mr. Mahendrababu will marry Asha, so Binodini will have to become a forest dweller with the barbaric monkey of Barasat in pursuit of fate. Mr. Biharibabu cannot see the tears of simple hope, so Binodini must always be ready to lift the edge of his territory. Once this Mahendra, this Bihari, Binodini wants to plunder the dust with the shadow behind him and explain, Asha or who and Binodini! What a difference between the two! Due to bad luck, Binodini could not continue to conquer her talent in the heart of any man, so she set fire to the idol with a burning force.

In a very sweet voice, Binodini said to Bihari, "You will be safe, Bihari Babu. Don't hurt yourself by thinking for the sand of my eyes."

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