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Can I change my JetBlue booking?

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2 months ago

Yes, you can. JetBlue booking has always been a pioneer of customer service and customer services facilities. It has made managing your flight bookings simple and at the tip of your fingers. Jetblue boasts a list of online features that can help passengers get their job done inside their comfort zone. The facilities range from Canceling and changing tickets to online boarding help.

Air travel is the best form of commute we have right now, and JetBlue promises to give you a homely experience without all the hassle that comes along with it.

Furthermore, this article is a comprehensive compilation of information that may help you change or cancel a Jetblue flight in the future.

The same day change Policy

Suppose you missed your flight due to any reason and you got to board the next flight possible at any cost. Jetblue allows you to do that; every passenger, irrespective of their ticket type, is eligible to take a same-day flight when they have missed the previous one.

The passenger has to pay a nominal fee of 75 dollars as a standby, that the flight confirmation might or might not happen based on the actual scene there.

How to change/reschedule your JetBlue Booking?

These steps will guide you through the changing process the next time you have to make one:

·         Choose the browser of your choice and open the official web portal of JetBlue.

·         Use your credentials to log in to the site.

·         Find and click on the ‘Manage Booking, option on the homepage.

·         You will be prompted with a dialogue box, enter your booking number and Last name.

·         A list of all your previous and future Jetblue Booking will be visible to you. Select the one you want to reschedule.

·         Click on the Reschedule option.

·         Fill the complete form that appears; you might have to upload your Confirmation number, flight number, Dates of initial travel, dates of the rescheduled travel, and personal credentials.

·         Once you have filled in all the information and submitted the request, you will get a confirmation message for your request.

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2 months ago
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