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Axie Infinity: Breeding Costs and Considerations

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Breeding is a big part of the Axie Infinity universe. It is how new Axies are created! Before you breed, you need to know the costs and other considerations.

1. Breeding Limitations

  • Each Axie is can breed up to 7 times.

  • You can find the current breed count of an Axie on it's page

  • An Axie cannot breed with it's siblings or parents

  • However it can breed with grandparents, cousins and uncles

Credits: Axie Discord Server
  • Origins and MEO Axies do not require SLP to breed, but are still limited to 7 maximum breeds

You'll see these tags on Origin and MEO Axies

2. Breeding Costs


  • Smooth Love Potion (SLP) are tokens that you can earn from playing the game.

  • Before you can use them for breeding, you'll need to claim them at the Token Claims page. This can only be done once every 14 days (read announcement here).

  • Below is the SLP breeding cost for each Axie:


  • Current AXS cost to breed each pair is 4 AXS.


  1. The SLP required is 600 SLP

    ◾ The first Axie's breed count is (2/7), breeding for breed number #3 and that would cost 450 SLP

    ◾ The second Axie's breed count is (0/7), breeding for breed number #1 and that would cost 150 SLP

    ◾ In total, it would cost this pair 600 SLP

  2. The breeding fee for any pair is always 4 AXS

3. Axie Genetics


Every Axie has 6 body parts and a body shape. Each of the part carries 3 genes: dominant (D), recessive (R1) and minor recessive (R2) genes. The dominant gene determines the body parts an Axie would have.

All genes have a chance to be passed down to the offspring. The chances of a gene being passed down follows below probability:

  • Dominant (D) = 37.5% chance

  • Recessive (R1) = 9.375% chance

  • Minor Recessive (R2) = 3.125% chance

Note that above totals up to 50%, which accounts for one parent. When you breed 2 Axies, the percentage sums-up to 100%.

Mystic and Holiday Parts

These are special and limited parts that can't be passed down via breeding.

Mystic Axie: Galadriel (Owned by OhhShiny), Auraya (Brycent) and Holiday Axie: Pollution (Pollution)


  • Classes do not have recessive genes. Axie offspring have an equal chance to inherit either of their parents' classes (50%/50%). For example:

    • If the parents are aquatic and plant. The baby will have 50% chance to be aquatic and 50% plant.

    • If both parent are from the same class, the baby is guaranteed to inherit their parents' class.


There are random chance that your offspring Axie would get genes that are not present on the parent's genetics. This is called mutation. As for now, there is not enough information on the mutations probability to be written.

4. Morphing Timeline

  • Breeding will give you Axie eggs.

  • You'll need 5 days before you can morph your eggs into adult Axies.

  • Axie genes will be available after it turns into an adult.

5. Breeding Tools

There are so many useful breeding tools created by the members of the community, here are some of them. Do let me know if I'm missing any good ones, tag/DM me on twitter @Dextermarcaida :)

Breeding Guide:

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Written by   166
6 months ago
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