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My Village: situation in phase 2 [Video]

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2 years ago

Hey buddies!

This time Vlog and Blog mixed.

A spectacular day about weather, bright sunshine and scattered clouds both help to cheer people up.

You'll see very few of the latter in the video, maybe they prefer to stay at home resting or in bars to make party.

The psychiatric community where I work is open 24/7, so today for me was a day like any other, I took the opportunity to show you the beautiful view I have in front of my eyes every day when I look out from the balcony or leave home, the Castle that is right in front of my house with the church, the 118 (emrgency number) and the civil defense tent that was placed in front of the ASL (Local Health Authority).

I consider myself lucky to live in a central area, I have all the comforts and many solutions available, even those useful in cases of extreme needs.

Enjoy watching

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This article is very nice. My village is very beautiful to look. I am very excited to read the story. Thanks a lot.

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2 years ago

Veramente belli i tuoi paesaggi, caro Dex, una vera meraviglia, hai visto che oggi i punti valgono parecchio di più?? Non ho ancora capito bene il funzionamento di questa piattaforma, ma è pagante e, tutto sommato, non paga nemmeno poco...

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2 years ago