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I Want A Bitcoin Cash Vision Not a Full BCH Wallet

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1 year ago

I Want a bitcoin cash wallet not a Full BCH wallet. This idea is important because this kind of person can be successful more than just an unknown holder.

Money in any amount , is not a big deal.

If you do not have a vision , there is nothing worth. That latter you can learn from Wise People.

MY purpsoe is not to fill my bitcoin cash wallet and make a fortune. I want to meet people who are pro BCH enthuisast and learn something more valuable about bitcoin cash .

I want A bitcoin cash vision

The reason simple what is the benefit of a full BCH wallet if my whole region don't involve into mass adoption ?

In short , I earn nothing if have bitcoin cash but all merchants around my country do not accept. They accept fiat only and this is so sad.

That is why I believe that there are many bch enthusiast and investors I can learn from so I share the bitcoin cash vision around all my region.

If in every country , there is a person who have a BCH vision , I mean for the whole system and all races and social classes . From poor to rich , sharing the BCH knowledge with wisdom is important.

The Main summary

Where I can start ? I need to grasp a lot of technical and educational knowledge regarding BCH ( despite I have idea , I need more). Being a guru in your field is important .

Meeting different BCH teams from developer , expert and CO founder and so on . Also meeting Roger Ver is another goal .

Do you want a BCH vision or a full BCH wallet discuss ?

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Written by   10
1 year ago
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