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Professor Wayne W. Dyer, who specializes in psychological studies, asked his website followers to write a list of the things that hinder them from reaching the highest grades in life.

You are in this situation, because all the activities of your life, including those that drain large portions of your time, are simply the product of your choices in life. If your family responsibilities represent a problem for you, do not blame anyone but yourself because you organized your life priorities in this way.

Even if it was a schedule Your business is fraught and crowded, for you are the one who decided to live with a schedule full of tasks, and if there are many small details that only you can handle, that is also a decision that you made.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest goals of life is to gain happiness. If you use the excuse "I'm too busy" as an excuse for not feeling happy, then you have chosen to be busy, and during this process you deliberately refrained from living your life. If you have chosen to be You are busy instead of trying happily and actively to determine your destiny.

You need to re-examine your priorities. Most people waste the bulk of their lives at work because the soul abhors emptiness, according to scholar and teacher David Thoreau.

However, it does not matter what you will get after achieving your goals. Rather, the important thing is which person will be after achieving those goals, and how sterile it is to sit down and write while you did not stand to live, do not let your soul suffer from weakness in a world of emptiness, start to examine the way your life is going, for all its details discourage you from a fate that you know well that He wants your attention, you will not be a bad father if you cannot tell stories to your children every night or you cannot play with them every day, know a father who used to spend all his rest time with his children, every day and throughout the year, then he felt bored and started making time for himself, went out for an interview A friend, reading a book, or watching a movie that he heard about and had not been able to watch before, but all of these The activities that he was supposed to enjoy used to deliver him to remorse, feelings of guilt, and make him feel that he is falling short in performing his duties as a father.

You will be a bad parent, if you set aside time for yourself once, and you will not be a bad employee if you reluctance to do the work of your boss or your colleague once, and you will not be a bad friend if you apologize for providing a service that you do not want to provide once, if you do not, you will remain stuck where you are, because you chose Being too busy.

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