Why Should Be Merciful To Each Others

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The mercy yeah ! We teach knowledge with mercy . The human is created to feel merciful people around him. The sun is for our warmth and joy . The moon is for merciful people to show the beauty of the night . The sky is balanced and well built . Be fair to yourself and show the beauty for people you see. The beauty of heart which is within you.

The earth is created for agriculture , to be kind for each others , to build and grow merciful people in it. Show the love as a tornado to each other. Living in peace yeah !

Humans and creatures are created . Others we do not know about it. To feel the mercy in this world. In any position south , east , west or north , we should be kind to each other. Even between seas and in every part of this universe , merciful people should share the joy around the world and defeat the evil power.

You see the blues seas . If we are helpful and merciful to each others , we can extract food , diamond from it to all miserable people in this world.

Lots of people say we can not help ourselves , so how can we help each other ?

I respond to that kind of persons , You may fall in some harmful situations . Whether you are poor or rich . If you show even a little act of mercy to anyone and with any kind of support. When you need help and face a big problem in your life, you will get support from even people you do not know.

In contrast , If you are such an agressive person , as an advice change that trait fast dear human , The reason is that many people will get away from you. They will pray bad things for you. in addition , if you have bad times , they will show no mercy for you and I don't want that happenning to you for sure.

When you look at the mirror , just remember my words and teach it to your wife and kids if you cannot share to your whole community .

The mercy of people is a great source of wealth. Imagine dear human the view of society to you when you show some mercy to a person who suffer from cancer for example and support him financially or even emotionally .

You will be regarded as a great leader for the world. You will only what you give. Nothing last in this life , only your merciful acts to the hmumanity will be remembered.

A message to the man , if you are merciful person. that will make you beautiful in the eyes of your wife : the generous , kind and decent husband who cares for others. Show her that and make her proud of it. Also , Your kids will see you as an example to be followed. Because the real leaders are those who are merciful.

And for the woman too , my message to you. Show your husband that you are a merciful woman . Show him that you are not only the one that put make up on her face and follow the latest clothes fashion but you are the decent , generous and sweet lady that cares for her poor neighbors and the kind woman in front of her friends. Make him feel proud of you.

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