The Woman : Why

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Dear man , surely you need a woman in your life. Whatever view or philosophy you hold about her. Your mission is to find piece of mind with her. You cannot live alone at the end.

If you reach 30 years old and still single , I'd advice you to marry as fast as possible dear man . The reason why ? If you want to know let me tell you:)

Staying without a woman can affect your physical and psychological status dear. In antiquity , three men decided not to marry. After several days , they started feeling cold and back pain. Added to that , some psychological diseases affect their mindset. we can mention depression , stress and overthinking.

Also , scholars noticed that those men start getting mad . They talk to theirselves and laugh without reason . If that sympthoms start appearing within you dear man . Marry whatever your social status is .

Men in , Saudi Arabia , can marry from two to four women for example . The reason that the most of them are rich and that is in their traditions . They can be fair to the women by affording a house to each one and satisfy her basic needs.

Dear man , if you can not marry from two women or more. Even one woman is enough to protect yourself from bad habits I mention earlier.

Try not to have relationship outside the marriage . The woman is a precious jewel . Steve Harvey , the famous comedian don't allow his girls to go on a relationship outside the marriage . He has a famous saying to teach to his girls . It is as follow when a guy wanna date you told him frankly " You don't get milk until you don't purchase the cow ".

Why marriage girl ? Because if you give your blessings to guy for free girl , you get nothing at the end and I don't want to see your heart broken again.

We want a healthy society at the end . We want to see both gender marry legally and build a family .

Source: Unsplash

Now let's leave a message to the man too, Dear man we want you to marry your future wife without delaying . We want to see your future kids of course especially in this digital world where lots diseases appeared.

Let me tell you why you should marry a woman that give lots of sweet babies:) You can get encouragement from your state and also you give the single men a good reason to marry and build stronger generation.

Dear man , another advice from an experienced person . Don't oblige a woman that hates you to love you. And in contrast if you find a woman but you don't like her , Marry her instantly because that woman you hate can be the most suitable for you after marriage.

Dear man , some women are overprotective and don't trust men easily. The reason can be different bad relationship outside marriage. It may take long period to accept to marry. If you can not be patient , just tell her. If she does not accept and thegirl is still keen to refuse the marriage. Talk to her parents. And if her parents accept and the girl is still keen to refuse the marriage , Be polite and don't judge the girl opinion . Just look for another woman dear man .

Dear man if you wanna partner with a woman for business. this is a good way to start . If she is single , you have to ask her surely for marriage.( that in case if you are single ).

Dear man , if you have such a disease whether physical and psychological . Tell the woman you wish to marry. Better to know from you first rather than the doctor.

Dear man , if a conflict happen between you and your wife. Don't be angry fast. Also , don't beat the woman or hurt their feelings. And if you cannot control your anger , just leave the house and go for a walk . Then get back when you are in mood , ask your woman about the cause of conflict again . You will be amazed by the results.

The woman why is an important topic for tomorrow . We need to understand the woman more. Because behind every successful man there is a woman.

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