The Song of Freedom

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2 years ago

Bird you are born free

As a calm wind

Fly in the sky as bee

Play between the morning flowers

And word of love

You walk as you want between the mountains

And smell the odor of natural power

Now the human beings want to feel like you

In the earth that they are put in

They want the freedom that I agree with them

They refuse tobe controlled by anyone dear

No one can silence their voice of life when they sing

They will not accept to live between caves again

They want to sing the song of love

When the sun rise and shine its light for human rights

They want to sing the poetry of the sky

And enjoy the light of space on its surnise

So son of earth wake up ans never give up

Walk on the ground as a courageous king

Because life does not wait

All those who want to sleep

Do not fear the high mountains

Be like a fighter every morning

The spring will come with covered roses

To make your clothes with it and like a real human

So see the magnificent odor of roses

And do the light dance as cristoph columbus

You see the pigeons sweetheart

Watch them how to fly on the sky

To the light because it is bright

To the light until you win your fight

When anybody wants life

No one can stop that

Even the dark will go fast

No barriers can ban that

You must have that kind of feeling

The feeling you are missing the beauty of life

As Romeo and Juliet who live for that

But they never give up despite the hadships

Because if you don't , it will go fast without noticing that

Yeah love to live as beautiful creature

Since only idiots who ignore that

Even other creatures claim and prove that

But their secrets signs don't show us that

Even the winds in between above and under mountains or under the trees

If I have an ambition for a goal

I forget wishes and care

I don' t mind the difficult roads

Even the fire that is fearful

Those who don't love adventure and risk

They will live all their life between holes

If you have the blood of life tell your heart

That is is the high time to keep going

Listen clearly how nature is moving

The rythm of words and drum of raining

I don't have the time to cry all night

I write a speech as hot as fire

I write to make feel that having a right for freedom is alright

Be faithful to yourself and try to achieve freedom on your own way

O beautiful freedom your love swim in my soul

The law is based on harmony that I taste for years

I don't mind if there is one who disagree

Longer period with nights and you will see

The true love of being so free

I am new human

who don't live silently

I am new human

That invade and cross the limits to reach his aim

After I fight the wild waves on the sea

And getting lost in the hottest desert

Till the horizon of cloud I use my mind

I share the light I got on this earth

I challenge despair , cold and days of bitterness

I am sharing the beautiful flower in every road

I am sharing the flag of hope in darkest night

I am new human

I come to listen to poor's voices

I come back to open the eye on night to beautiful hope

I plant the sun in the days of cold

Squeezing happiness from a heart full of love

Break the barriers with great enthusiasm

And say : I am new human

To all youth who want to build tomorrow

Be in your building serious and hard-working

Use love as a tool in building

Help , success , harmony

And if you want the harmony

Build a truth in its real meaning

Do not build something as ghosts and dreams

Look at history of the past

And See how heroes do their best

I write a song of freedom for everyone who fight

As an optimistic for those who are hungry for light

Those who wrote on walls the word freedom

And these walls they plant the flower of freedom

They draw the word love with blood

and wrote the freedom song and the word light using their fingertips.

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