Signs To Know Real Friends

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You can meet in life someone who desperately approaches you, but you are convinced that he is a tendentious communication that does not seek a human acquaintance.

A friend may approach his colleague to decipher his superiority and learn how and for how much time he studies, which are things that are far removed from the desire for a human rapprochement that results in an interest in a person His friend or his hobbies, wouldn't he be interested in knowing which football team to cheer on, or which series to watch?

The right friend would be keen to know if you prefer cherries or berries? Pacino or Dinero? Mozart or Vivaldi? Nizar or Darwish? Peas or cauliflower for dinner?

Whoever searches for true friendship appreciates feelings, but does not exaggerate them, because he is committed to their consequences, which may lead to time, erode life and may lead to exhausting perils.

Friendship makes him indulge in a relationship that entails obligations, so he does not allow the jump to direct brotherhood, nor does he exaggerate the illusion of carrying feelings and affection if they are not translated into actions. Casual relationships are marked by people waving the banner of appreciation or the whip of contempt.

A friend in love does not use mockery under the clause of joking and is not often questioned so as not to push his friend to provide justifications or an account statement.

-A friend is looking for a person who is clear between the world and him, who moves away from the universe, for proximity to you or for your occupation as a class.

Your mind will be his address, which makes distance from you an unacceptable possibility.

-A person who treats problems in the form of a braided hug with arranged interest, not fabricated feelings with monotonous vocabulary.

A person senses a danger that may befall you before it occurs.

- He evaluates your memories with him as an old crack in the pyramid.

A person argues with you about the numbers under the inside of your palm and is happy with their similarity to the numbers of the palm as a sign, even if it is trivial, of a common fate.

As for those who communicate in another way, they approach before the hair is about to cut, and then they neglect the hair and the relationship when they reach you, they are not friends. They finance social relationships with cheap, cheap fuel, then expect the relationship to go forever.

The biggest reason people fall into the trap of false friendships is the suffering of some from emotional starvation and desperate appreciation, which makes them voracious for any human relationship without delaying or respecting distances to ensure their good choice of friend who is the optional spiritual brother.

And the delusion of that famine, to estimate that if one sows a fellowship relationship with false seeds, he will get an abundant yield of friendship, and the seasons of his life are consumed in vain.

Friendship is an emotional contract between two parties, the dowry is costly, and its back is exorbitant.

Find a friend who loves you despite your faults, who cares about you despite your clumsiness, no one who accompanies you for being rare or an icon of excellence.

Look for someone who if you lit a smoke in front of him, and he will strike you anxiously in his eyes, and if he does not stop you.

Find a person who cares about your bright mornings, but who cares more about your dark sunset.

Do not exaggerate in claiming feelings that you did not touch, for our feelings are thin as hair, sharp as a dagger, and our conscience. This is a warehouse of weapons that may destroy us if we tamper with it and we declare it to a person with a camouflage mask that we consider purely by his words, but his actions shock our purest emotions.

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