Romantic Stories Know No Circustances

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Love does not know the time

This story seems to be one of the strange stories of love. The young men and women who were in love with each other got married, but this marriage only lasted three days. The war asked the husband and the wife had to wait for a period that she did not know, until the girl’s family decided to migrate suddenly to a country Another, believing that their daughter would forget her husband, and the family pressured her to burn his belongings, books and everything related to him except that she did not forget him, and years passed and many men offered to marry the girl but she refused to fulfill her husband, and this situation lasted for nearly 40 years.

One day, the girl returned to her city for a visit, and fate wished to meet her ex-husband in the cemetery, where he was visiting his parents, and when they met, they ran towards each other and were deeply affected, and returned with her to the city inhabited by the family and married again and lived a happy life.

Coffee with salt

There was a young man and a girl who loved each other very much, so he took the initiative and offered to propose to her from her family, and indeed the family agreed and rejoiced the young man’s morals so much, and during the engagement period the young man and the girl went to a restaurant and asked for two cups of coffee, and when the waiter brought them he put the young man in A cup of salt instead of sugar, and drink it salty.

The girl laughed at him a lot, so he justified her: When I lived with my father before they died, we used to live by the sea, and I loved the saltiness of the sea, so I love salty coffee because it reminds me of my childhood days with my family, and when the marriage took place, he and his wife lived together, and they had five children who grew up They learned and became in a prominent position in society, and the wife continued to brew salty coffee, and during a period of time the father became severely ill, and he died and his wife was very sad.

While the wife was arranging her husband's things after his death, she found a letter written on her name, so she opened it and read its content, and found him telling her: I mistakenly put salt in my coffee that day because he was tense, and he did not drink it salty, but he kept drinking it for the forty years of his life with her because his love Her coffee was dominant over the salty taste of coffee, so her love was sweeter than the taste of sugar.

The blind man

A young man saw a girl and liked her a lot, for she was very beautiful, and everyone who saw her testified to her that, the young man liked her and proposed to her marriage, and she agreed to marry him, then the couple lived a happy life with great love, planned her and had children, the husband worked in a company that required him to travel To perform the tasks, as his trips usually take several months, and one day the husband traveled to a country on a mission, so the wife was very sad and expressed to her husband her fear for him, so he reassured her and assured her that he would reassure her constantly and would not feel his absence, then he traveled.

During his travels, his wife contracted a serious illness that distorted her face and lost her beauty, but she did not tell him that and remained afraid of his reaction upon his return from his trip, and she suffered from negative thoughts thinking that he would hate her, and he would not bear to live with her and with the children, until he came The day he returned, on that day the husband arrived from travel, and when he knocked the door, she opened for him, frightened and hesitant, and he cried very crying when he saw her and told her that he had lost his eyesight due to an accident that happened with him during his travels, so the wife cried with heartache, and was grieved when he hit her husband and struck her with great grief, then Their lives stabilized, they returned to their calm and they adapted to what happened with them.

And after a short while the calamity occurred, as his wife became severely ill, so her husband took her to the hospital, and on the way she suffered a heart attack and died, and the husband was very sad, and he was crying burntly at the funeral and funeral ceremonies, and after the end of the ceremony he was walking towards the house, and one of the attendees approached him to help him He said to him: You do not need to help me, because I am not blind. Rather, I pretended to do so, lest my wife become frustrated and lose her self-confidence.

Love despite illness

The young man and the girl loved each other very much, for they were classmates and this friendship continued at the university, until it gradually turned into a great love. The young man suffers from leukemia, and unfortunately the disease was widespread in his body and in the final degrees. The girl realized that there was not much left, she was helping him with all her love and caring for him, as she was trying to alleviate his illness with various creative ideas in that, and she stayed with him while she saw his health deteriorating with time, but she had no trick, as she had to hold on to be able to support him. Until that day came when I woke up in the morning and grabbed his hands and felt their coldness and their color was blue, so I burst into tears and knew that the time had come, and gradually recovered from what had happened, but remained faithful to him and happy with their unparalleled love story.

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Wow! Stories with tragic frames where love makes a difference. A sublime and selfless love.

A clear message for the little ones who bitter a lot in the daily.

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