Cryptocurrencies That Have High Potential In 2021

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2 years ago

It is up to your level of risk. In general, the most effective would be those that are genuinely risky.

I try to settle myself in coins that have sufficiently high potential but also a high floor that limits my risk. Thus I will break down into two levels - the well-established, less risky, smaller potential gains and the newer, riskier and bigger potential gains.

Well Known Cryptocurrencies to check out in 2021

Without doubt , Bitcoin cash ( BCH ) is my favorite personal one . Despite it is ranked 10 on coinmarket cap , but I see it is the high time to add more to my trading porfolio.

I have here ETH and DOT to include too . They are on the safer side but have plenty to show in their continuing launch this year with scalability (ethereum 2.0 is the extension of shard chains and the introduction of polkadots). In reality, DOT is a coin recently quoted, but has been ongoing for a long time (it was a long time since IPO was in 2017).

LINK's can be a good one too . If you believe that data is digital oil, LINK is the blockchain fountain of digital oil. (Last year it earned +650%)

And finally BNB (mainly whether you are on US binance or Binance). They are burning half of the total supply and the price has risen steadily. I don't believe that it has a great profit potential, but I think it's fair to bet on decent returns (it still managed about +190 per cent in 2020), and it also reduces the fees while paying the trading fees on Binance.

New Cryptocurrencies to watch for 2021

For less than 2 years both of these have been around. This makes them cool because they are unknown and largely unproven. But they have all shown me great growth and consideration for the models that they have built so far, and they have all had impressive prices gains in their infancy.

(POLS)Polkastarter aims to become a better Uniswap based on Polkadot which means that tokens from other blockchains should be quicker, lower costs and compatible. It also introduces a new feature for crowdfunding and auctioning.All this, and not yet on any big exchange mostly coming from Uniswap. An early look worthwhile.

OCEAN (Ocean Protocol): OCEAN's goal is to commercialize and sell data in a privately owned manner and there is constant need for decent, trustworthy data. It still tries to classify items and market itself, but by 2020 it gained about +1000%.

ORN (Orion Protocol)

ORN is an interesting addition to the pile of already existing decentralized exchanges. It may be the only DEX to monitor all of them (because they are going to extract cash from all sorts of exchanges). During the first quarter of 2021, more features will be included. It is listed for approximately six months and grew by +275%.

EGLD (Elrond) had a strong dynamism in attempting to take ethereum. It listed with a slight fanfare a few months ago, but really has become involved in social media and has an increasingly growing community.

ICP (DFINITY) is a project, but not yet available to the public. The price of the ICO was around 4,50 dollars, but is already quoted at 25 dollars. Between the ICO and token launch, that's more than +450 percent. This is the price of $11.7billion (this will be #4 today, behind BTC, ETH, and USDT), which it will be on the top 10 in market cap until it is launched. The goal is to be the machine of the internet by using data centers of 3rd parties to be network nodes that increase the processing power of the network.

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2 years ago


I think I'm trying to buy some of Polka Dot and Elrond. Any opinion about The Graph?

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2 years ago

How are you doin tired-momma ? Thanks for tips In my opinion , I will buy because I think I can make a profit out of them As Polka Dot you can buy , it is seems a profitable investment . I checked coinmarketcap is doing well : and it is price 1.70euro As for elrond ,price for 1 coin is 73 euro , many invest into it : . it has a future

In my opinion , I will buy because I think I can make a profit out of them

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2 years ago

I'm having a good rest and rejoicing coz it's Friday, no homeschooling tomorrow. :)

And thank you for your response. I will include that in my account.

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2 years ago

that's good ! I wish that I got a rejoice , some rest too but that altcoin season goes up fast I can just work . Thanks for your support tired-momma , I will be from time to time at readcash for any question. Looking forward to hear your news. cheers!

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