Calm is a Symbol of Conscious Minds

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When you enjoy your day and yourself and feel the moment of calm .. When you do not hear any sound but the sound of your breath when you are alone without being distracted by anything .. When you turn off your phone and everything .. Only here you are the atmosphere that you created for yourself alone, you only in this calm atmosphere.

Focus here so that you can listen to your heartbeat and pulse .. Clear your mind of everything, start calmly and deliberately and think about all that you have been through recently .. Try to remember how your day was and how it ended ..

Here you will calmly realize what is right from wrong and analyze your day because you are in a quiet session only with yourself.

Calm is a feature of success .. And calm is an expression of a strong and coherent personality .. And calm is the title of a high-minded, balanced personality.

Calm characterizes his person because it is a reflection of the personality that fumes for the trivial reasons .. and gets angry at others for the most ridiculous things .. and revolts for the most trivial reasons .. Here the weak and shaky personality becomes evident that expects that people are considered for her and is afraid of the truth.

A calm person with a calm personality is always a winner, especially in people's hearts.

Tranquility works miracles, and its owner is able to create miracles and influence those around him and those with large souls.

Calmness is extinguishing the fire of anger like water when putting out fires. Be calm in your dealings with people, use your fitness with your abusers, and speak in friendly and sober phrases, as this is the shortest way to human hearts and families.

With your calm you create a world of your own that influences those who want to deal with you, and here they learn from you how to deal with you? As well as motivate them to be like you.

Calm is a source of deliberation and deliberation, one of the most important characteristics of wise men .. And a successful leadership personality is one that enjoys calm and balance .. and lack of fanaticism and emotion in making decisions.

Yes, at this time and in most matters of life, it is possible that there are people who are stressed, disturb the peace and rob you of your privacy and comfort, but it is possible to absorb them and absorb their anger with a calm smile that we do to get rid of their evils and to make ourselves our own world.

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