Bitcoin Cash Song For All The World

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2 years ago

I am BCH man because I am proud of the currency I own

To Those who don't own or understand

My advice to you to invest on

Without ideolgy , obligation or motivation

I promise you that

Tommorrow we will be free as bee

Spring as you see is near

And BCH will be the best valuable currency of the year

A message for unemployed and who suffered poverty for years

Bitcoin cash is the destiny

Our beautiful names will be listed near Marc de mesel and Roger Ver

The most trustworthy investors who don't cheat to win

Today I have the right to express my deepest love

For BCH and to all people who do and don't

No poverty , no suffer again

Bitcoin cash is the real aim

We will make it survive again

Then together it will be back again to top 10

Are you with me ?

Because all what I want to see

That you live happily in freedom with its real meaning

You see I think of you people of humanity

I am not a selfish man

Such love of BCH , I am sharing with you

Even if you disagree with me dear

I will not do the same as you

We are all born to be free

We want to turn that using BCh as real reality

I will not hate you because you love other cryptocurrencies

That I don't love because of my coin real love

In bitcoin cash world , I share my loaf of bread with you

There are no fear or bad people surronding you

Tomorrow and so true if we have intention to do

The world will be peaceful due to bitcoin cash views

Today we have the right

To live in peace without fight

With bitcoin cash that will make the world unite

You see I am thinking of you

I am not a selfish man

Such love of BCH , I share it with you

Even you disagree with me dear human

I will not hate you because you love other crypto I don't

Because of BCH my favorite coin

Today we have the right to invite

Everyone who want to join BCH movement

Everyone have the right to have a sit

And have a dream to be achieved under BCH light.

Our doors and windows are opened for everyone

Because we carry the vision that Satoshi Nakamoto wants

All I say with conxience , no one oblige me

Because I feel the pleasure of every coin I made under bitcoin cash light.

We have solution to chnage our life

The reason why is bitcoin cash made

In the serious hours , that happen in front our eyes

Today we have the right to live the life we deserve

To tell the whole humanity

We are the best under BCH light

Thus we are making this song

A song to all the world

To sing in our homes to our kids today and in the future

It's a bitcoin cash song to all this world

With our full hearts and emotions

Bitcoin cash is the most beautiful moment

The currency that open new horizons for youth to prosper

Our hearts describe the best moment for our kids under BCH light

I wanted so much that song tobe singed

And So sweetly with the rythm of the guitar playin

Life without BCH is like a prison

And with it seems the freedom

It's like love that we don't want to miss

Singing about bitcoin cash is really a bless

Fastly bitcoin cash till the high

As a perfum of rich people smell

Even in dark night it is the word we spell

Their memory are long lasting whatever done

I want to use it as fast as air

All the world will be attracted with

BCH I see as a mountain I wish to climb

As other people think of their currency

I think of mine , The BCH gold

O my love .. you are like lovely parfume

waiting for you till jump to the moon

Till that day I live

Know one million way to portray it

To show my love and heart traits

In any river , I offer bitcoin cash my greatest hits.

And with open eyes

I save bitcoin cash in hearts and put my fingertips on it

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2 years ago