Leaving fear aside is the key to success

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Starting a new project, making decisions or simply saying I'm going to start doing what I've dreamed of so much is difficult, it's hard because our mind often plays dirty with us, that little voice is often treacherous, instead of saying try it, maybe Maybe it won't come out the first time but you will stay with everything you learned tells you that you will never achieve it and that you will be a complete failure.

Failure has many perspectives depending on where you look at it, it doesn't mean the same thing to me as it does to the person next door. But it has something in common even in all its perspectives and that is that if you don't take the time to work on yourself, on your goals and objectives you will never achieve anything. If you analyze those people who for you "have been successful" all started with something small, it is good that you want to start with everything you need but I assure you that you will spend a lifetime waiting to be ready and with everything you need and you will never be will give you the opportunity. Although success has many faces, the only universal formula that exists is to work on your goals.

Every day, propose to create new habits that add a little to what you want to be in the future, you can create an action plan based on your long-term and medium-term goals. Perhaps in the course of time many things change, even your dreams nothing is subject to forever, everything is changing, but as long as it makes you happy there is nothing that can stop you until you reach the highest point. Organization is one of the fundamental aspects in this process, even if you start to analyze it goes hand in hand with good habits, if you organize yourself, you are constantly disciplined, you will achieve what many want but only a few dare.

There are thousands and thousands of unhappy people in their jobs, the only reason is that they chose poorly what they were going to dedicate their whole life to, first of all you have to think, does what I am doing bring me happiness when doing it? If the answer is that the only thing that brings you happiness is getting to the weekend to party or receive a payment, I advise you to run away and decide to look within yourself for what makes you happy, based on that you will begin to create your action plan, but above all work until exhaustion to get as high as you can.

Today you can do anything through a screen, if you have a business idea, begin to materialize it little by little, that is if you remember that Rome was not built in a single day, that with a lot of perseverance, discipline and earning from what that idea prospers you will be able to make it a viable and successful idea. You have taken the time to investigate a little the history of the great brands that we all know today and it could even be said that they dominate their specific market in various parts of the world.

A very particular case can be seen in a brand like Coca Cola, it is a world-renowned brand and is consecrated by many as one of the best soft drinks in the world, the magical thing is that it began in a pharmacy in 1886 by a pharmacist named John S. Pemberton initially did it to create a new syrup that would help combat certain ailments, what he did not know is that he was creating an incredible product and that many years and centuries later it would still be valid and would be known worldwide. Selling very few in the beginning for 5 cents or so but it would be wildly successful in the future, but what makes this brand special is that they put a lot of work into giving this brand personality. Always giving a message of optimism, in addition to being a very familiar brand that also adapts to any culture, a brand with an incredible flavor that remains over time just like its logo, only a few modifications have been made, thus creating a precedent so that it takes hold of the consumer's mind and prevails over time.

These qualities are the ones that in one way or another we must copy but not plagiarize, analyze, and give our personal touch, give meaning and personality to the brand. Today everything sells first through the eyes and it is natural that people first want to see a nice package, but they also expect to find a quality product, so we must worry about bringing all this and more to the customer in this way we will seize their mind and will always want to choose your brand. The logo is highly relevant, it is the gateway to the brand and therefore it must contain three very essential things for it to be functional and successful. Which are that they are easy to visualize, easy to remember and of course that the name is easy to pronounce, this is key for a logo to be successful.

But before you must start your project, or that you have been postponing for so long, perhaps a disproportionate success like that of coca cola awaits you and you are running away from it, when you should be fighting to meet goals.




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