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When Stupid People led my Country

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2 months ago

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Indonesia is one of the countries that are so rich in extraordinary resources. The existence of many resources in Indonesia makes this Country so famous worldwide. But can all these resources be appropriately managed by this Country?

You have to do it right in choosing a leader so you won't be disappointed in the future. What if we choose wrongly and get a stupid leader? Of course, this will be a big problem in the future that can damage the nation's order.

All of us must continue to improve the national order for the common good. But, as a people, we must choose the right leaders who are intelligent and wise. Selecting the wrong leader will have a fatal effect on how the nation will be organized.

Of course, some things will happen if we choose the wrong leader who is not intelligent in dealing with problems. In conclusion, this is an important thing that we must study together to become more precise knowledge. So with this, we will learn to choose the right leader for Indonesia together.

This Is What Happens When We Choose a Stupid Leader

A foolish leader cannot be wise.

A leader should have the nature and attitude of wisdom in everything he does. Of course, a wise attitude is an important thing that a leader must own. A stupid leader certainly will not be wise in dealing with all situations.

This can cause the community to be uncontrollable in the order of life that is carried out. So it is crucial to choose a leader who can act wisely and have good personal intelligence.

Can't make the right decision

An intelligent leader will certainly have the ability to make the right decisions. This can be obtained if we choose a leader who has intelligence in attitude.

But if we are wrong in choosing a leader, then all decisions that will be taken cannot be decided alone. Stupid leaders will always be dictated by others, so they have no power to take a stand.

Always ridden by people who have an interest in it

A leader who is not intelligent will always be ridden by interested people. Many people of goodwill always have a leader behind them.

However, if the leader is intelligent, they will not be able to be ridden by people who have an interest. This is because they can be wise and act according to self-principles, unlike the stupid leader who always goes with the flow and can't take a stand.

There will be a breakdown of the nation's order that cannot be controlled

A stupid leader certainly will not be able to make wise decisions. This will be the beginning of the damage in the community that will happen, of course.

It is necessary to know that this will gradually damage how the nation's order cannot be controlled. This is one of the risks that we can feel as a people if we choose the wrong leader.

Of course, you will get all these risks if we choose stupid leaders to lead the nation. That's all we can discuss, and hopefully, it can be a valuable piece of information for all of us.

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Written by   4
2 months ago
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