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This place called San Jacinto

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5 months ago

Located in the west coast part of a rich island of Ticao, lies a small town but rich in culture named San Jacinto. A town where one could feel the warmth, the closeness and the camaraderie of its citizens. Located under abundant coconut trees and constant shining of the sun, San Jacinto is a tropical town that most people spend vacation on. From its beaches to new resorts, San Jacinto really has it all. From visible mountains and greeneries, the fresh wind is what's best in this small town. Even though modernized, with numerous growing number of different vehicles, the air is not polluted given that the thick greeneries and sanctuary of trees provides clean, pure and fresh air. The province life is very subtle in this small town. San Jacinto is also a home for old customs that still stay up until these days, from festivals to religious activities and beliefs, people of San Jacinto really proves that they do not forget their origins. The customs are still alive and are still celebrated. San Jacinto provides the warmth of a home and still provides all the needs of a citizen, hence I can say that this town could almost pass to becoming a 'mini-city' the fact that it is somewhat complete with facilities of our basic needs, but then I believe that the small town I grew up on will have improvements and developments for the years to come and that I can already say I will settle here in the place called San Jacinto.

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