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My Highschool journey

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1 month ago

A book is a never ending world of knowledge, no matter what kind of story it is, every page consists of words, words that are tainted with emotions, words that can either make the reader feel inspired, sad, happy and many more. Every page tells many things, and as you go thorugh every page you can unravel mysteries, things that you yourself never knew of before. As time goes by a book will remain a book, its pages will not fade, the ink still like that as the first printing, yet its cover will not be intact, will never remain the same. The freshness will fade and the pages yellowed, cranky. Torn pages might be expected. But the contents will be all that remained. A book may be varied depending on its content, depending on the thickness, the quality, genre, color, and the story it tells. A book's appearance will depend on the care applied to it. Same as to human's. Every human is a page, everyone may have different contexts, different story. But will only be completed if the pages were all together, binded by one story, binded tight under one book. So in a way, a book is the best thing to describe this batch. Every student being the pages, and the book, bearing the title: "Graduates of Batch 2018". A story many will know. And the story still not finished, but will now end.
Chapter 1 starts on the grade 7, graduating from elementary sure is another book ended, and another sequel is made entering Highschool. The feeling of anxiety hangs in the air, choking and consuming fresh elementary graduates in facing a new school. A much bigger one, and the most challenging perhaps. Worried faces, creased forehead, uneasy stomachs everywhere, the worried voices at the backs of our head saying "nano daw ako na section" upon taking the entracnce exam. Entering yet a new phase of being a student might be the hardest, but not until you actually entered it.

Four consecutive years on Junior High yet it still has to end. Times flies so quickly and now we entered another foriegn world, as the K to 12 program was already applied. The feeling of disappointment for us not being able to move up as college students was converted into happiness and excitement the fact we are the first batch entering the new program. It felt unique, and challenging.
Entering Senior High, the feeling is still the same, under the same roof of our same school, it was relaxing. Knowing that we are not yet venturing out in college and knowing that we are all together, still. Two more years to spend in our school and with our beloved classmates. The environment is still the same, except the newly-built Senior High building, new memories to be made, new more challenges to be faced.
Before entering in Senior High we were allowed to choose strands of our choices, where we would enroll depending on the field we'd like to study in college. (Ikaw na tinay an butang sin mga strands hahahaha)
June started with a bang, of course we all didnt know what to do the fact that we are pioneers, we still had no idea how Senior High is supposed to be. All that is registered to us is that we're called "Grade 11". The usual lessons were tought but the subject are all that changed, the teachers were the same. The first month as Senior High students passed by with flying colors.

Through it all, we managed, hand in hand all the challenges and good things thrown at us. As to a book, no matter how many pages only leads to one---the ending. May it be happy and sad. Perhaps, the most challenging, most stressful, most fruitful most happy and best things really happens on Highschool. The epitome of every student will have in their lives. The lessons were all that was remained, the only thing that will be left on every page, of every student. Guided under one hard bound, the ties that could never be broken every page made it all until the last flip of the book. Memories will all be embroided on every page in which it consists of different stories. Different stories that all had the general story, the story of this batch. The story saying that we've done it all, we surpass all the hardships, the rocks on the road, the torn on every pages and the blurred lines.
All of these shared memories and learnings will be all that will remain on each and every page, leaving behind just happy thoughts for the days to come. All these consecutive years on Highschool is just a walk on the road, many will say it will be the most hardest, buy not until entrring college. Yet, highschool really is, the epitome of any student will have in their lives. Memories and good things is just another side of the tapestry, but if you flip the cloth the dark threads will be seen. The bitterness of goodbye, and the cold truth that we will all be on our separate ways will be visible. The bleak difficulty of letting go will resurface. But if the cloth will once again flipped the bright side will be dominant. The message clearly is that, no matter how bitter goodbye will be, the important thing is to focus on the brighther side. This batch, surely and certainly is a good story to tell. And to be shared and to be remembered in the days to come.

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Written by   9
1 month ago
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