Who Am I?

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A Satisfied Conservative or Anxious Modern? Is he a Tough Conservative or a Libertarian Modern or a Dared Democrat? Indifferent Am I a Complainant, Is a Ruined Denial?

Does it make sense? It feels very interesting at first, then you look at yourself first and then what you define. So many divisions are shocking first, then you feel the need to say a minute. Question marks are multiplying.


Is there any group you feel close to… It would be good if there was because the tendency to divide us into these groups is, at least for now.


They took out the DNA of Europe. Oddly enough, we either use the definition incorrectly, or we make the definition fit ourselves. In the lessons, they defined DNA as a fixed hereditary innate trait. We just started playing with DNA. There is no one left that has happened to us. Anyway, what is happening in Europe does not surprise me. It is okay to define the 2021 model Europe on paper or in the laboratory. My problem is personal, I guess I don't think so many definitions are just confusing, I believe they are messing things up as well.


What will happen if I am at the same time satisfied, libertarian, frustrated despite everything, complaining, contented and modern, but also conservative and dignified?


A report titled Europe's DNA 2021, which compiles various researches by Speed ​​Media, has been published. The report states that there are 7 basic social clusters in Europe that differ from each other. The most crowded group is the Satisfied Conservatives, who make up 23.7 percent of the total population. There is interesting data in the report. It is very useful for me to find a lot of data in its compiled form. but

The senior manager in front of me is surprised from time to time in my communication and media special consultancy sessions. I thought we were going to do media education, you give me lots of basket research, analysis and comments, I look at them with eyes saying what to do with them…

We cannot communicate without knowing ourselves and the other person. Communication is a living work, not a mechanical one. For this, various information is needed from different angles. But I also say to give up such complex information! All communication and related content work has to have a purpose and a result. Otherwise, it's a coffee chat. We have to use our words, words and body language in moderation in order to predict the effect of each message we give and to calculate the effect in the end.

If so, let's continue, let's see what kind of a group these Europeans are, let's decipher their identity features a little more;


Once we were "small" enough to be considered an offspring. We used to brag that we are young, now our average age is 32.

We are in the middle of life like Dante. The ore in our young age, begging, praying is futile today, It goes without looking at the age of your eyes… Thanks to advances in medicine, we can now live a long and healthy life.

Our elderly population is relatively low globally for now and for a short time. But there is room for concern; the elderly population is growing rapidly. We don't know what to do with them. We think ourselves are immune from aging. They cannot adapt to technology, they stay outside the financial system, their communication channels ignore them, they have no means of having a good time. Park garden, not even a handful of green. We do not understand their troubles, we cannot empathize. Then he turned off Turkey's unhappy but contented population. What do you think he should do even if he doesn't feel like it? ... Is there anyone among you muttering the lyrics of Orson Wells' "know what it is to be young, but you don't know, what it is to be old ..."?


Could it be that as the number of real children in the population declines, the older children replacing them are stirring up? Think about it, card children who grew up without a childhood ruin our lives with childish gestures. What about our actual child population shrinking? We cannot understand them at all. Please note that the number of children in the population is falling rapidly.


Did you wonder about the young people? ... Look from the right, look from the left, they only collect 15 percent of the population. You are burned if you are not in the minority happy to be neither a child nor a young woman in this country. Of course there is an escape route; unavoidable biological growth! The child and the young are inevitably growing up. One woman prisoner identity!


There are still getting married! But we are getting divorced quickly… Are we surprised? The nuclear family is increasing with the number of people living alone. We are not happy. This is one of the detections! I think there is no need to ask why why. I would say let's not inflate research costs in vain.


We are strange… Even though the nuclear family increases, individuals run for freedom, we assume that the head of the family is male. I did not ask you for nothing, who am I? Of course, you will also get your share from this question. This is what a diet, what a pickle.


Another pickle is solidarity. I thought we were not helpful at all, this must be what they call perception, it is a hospitality conversation. We confuse hospitality with help. We are not clear. The help of companies does not go beyond the mostly unbelievable promotional enthusiasm. Of course, I would be beyond a handful of helpful people and organizations. We need to look at the whole.


Our environmental awareness is crawling around, not even on our agenda. Culture is not on our radar. If we have free time, we watch TV series or go to the mall. Of course, there is sleep. Without it, we will watch more TV series, go to more shopping malls, but the day is not enough.


There is part of the research that has swept away my faith. We are supposed to turn our eyes to the local. Looking at the Istanbul elections (!) We embraced transparency, we were worried about not enough personal data… It may seem convincing to you, this DNA does not change that much. Some of the results of the research have been obtained in my opinion in the laboratory.


Our favorite among television channels is the name of the neighborhood where we live internet. There are newspapers among those we have forgotten. Who can blame it for unfaithfulness… There was news but we didn't read it! Our interest in social media is high. Everyone is looking at their phone without blinking. I think physically, unhappy, anxious, conservative, contentious - virtual, social, modern… we explode or break!…

Who am I? And you?

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