Hidden enemy within us: EGO

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We can define ego briefly as seeing yourself superior to everyone and everything. We can also express it with different names such as self and godliness. All mystical thoughts, religions, and moral structures try to struggle with this ego. What makes the devil the devil is his own ego. Our mind is under the yoke of the ego. The mind cannot live without the ego. The headquarters of the mind, the main center is the ego. I say Ahmet is my friend. On the other hand, I say Ayhan is my enemy. What is the reason I call someone a friend and the other an enemy? Friend is someone who caresses and feeds my ego. The enemy is the person who injures my ego. Ego is the father and mother of all evil in the world. Look at your leaders. The men cannot get close to them like an ego bubble. Two people are fighting.

- Look, go!

- What if I don't go?

- Do you know who I am?

- I don't know, man! Do you know who I am? I destroy you.

- Boy, don't iron my head. If I shoot it, you find yourself in Mount Ararat.

This fight goes on like this. Here we see two egos colliding. If a sentence begins with "I am like this, I am like this" then that person is egoistic. It has neither good for itself nor anybody else. It was his ego that made Nemrut Nemrut. It was his ego that made Yazid Yazid. It was his ego that made Pharaoh Pharaoh. At home, the ego of the man speaks to his wife and children. I ask my clients about their history. The grandparents of most of them were pashas during the Ottoman period. Most grandparents are village lords. Egos always speak. In other words, they say "I am pasha's grandson, grandson of the network". When you search for the truth, the man either has or does not have a barren, steppe 30-acre land in the village. But the grandson makes his grandfather a village lord to inflate his ego. People who constantly praise and talk about themselves are also egoists. Egoists like to lead. They see themselves as the blessing of God who has come to the head of the country. Narcissistic people are egocists. Egoistic people always want to oppress and exploit others. Saddam had made up 99 names for himself. Because he was doing the 99 names of Allah. So he saw divinity in himself.

O man, you are nothing. Not you, the world you live in takes up an iota of space in the universe. Sometimes the sun rays enter the indoor space. You see particles flying in the air. Here the earth occupies only that speck of dust in space. Know your limits. Swelling, boasting, arrogance… If a tooth is painful, you cannot sleep until the morning. Who do you think you are? If you are the richest person in the world, it will only inflate your ego. When you die, all your property and property remain in the world. The ego always leads you to injustice and cruelty.

A dervish knocked on the door of another dervish who lived in a wooden hut. An inside voice shouted "Who's that?" The dervish outside said, "It's mine." There was no sound from inside again. No matter how long the dervish outside worked the door, the door did not open. He approached the window and said, “Dude, I know you're inside. Why don't you open the door to me, I wonder? " said. Dervish inside. “Who I said, I said, you said. I see that you still haven't let go of your self, your ego. "Self, ego cannot enter this house." In Sufism, exquisite manners are always emphasized.

Human being free from ego seizes true freedom. Be the prosecutor of your ego, not the advocate of your soul. Modesty, destruction, arrogance take you to the point of being perfect. When you hear the "I am" voices, know that the ego is speaking there. A person who knows his own limits gets rid of ego. Don't boast, be proud, arrogant, son of man! You are an entity that carries a toilet inside. But you don't feel the stench in your stomach. The greater your humility, the smaller your ego. The bigger your ego, the smaller your humility becomes.

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