The Wise Goat - a life lesson

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1 year ago

Hi everyone! Today's motivation story is "The Wise Goat"

Once upon a time...

A goat was on the top of a high steep rock, picking the few blades of grass that he could find there. A wolf who was watching him from the foot of the rock wanted to catch him but he could not climb so steep a place.

"Friend goat!" said he, "Come down into the field. You can get all the sweet grass here that you can eat, and it will not cost you anything."

"Thank you," said the goat. "You are inviting me not to feed myself, but to feed you."

You see in life in your life! A lot of people try to drag you down to their low place because they are after your energy they want to use you and take everything they can from you and when they are through with you, they will spit you out. never lose your dignity, never forget who you are, and don't lower yourself for anybody.

These are their today motivation stories thank you so much for reading this article and stay blessed

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