The Story Of Paradise

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Hi everyone! Today's motivational story is "The Story Of Paradise"

Once upon a time...

Two men were wandering in the desert, hopelessly lost. Tired and thirsty, they walked up a large sand dune, and there in the distance, they suddenly saw something. A green oasis of trees and life.

Excitedly, they ran for it but when they got close enough to touch it. They realized that the oasis was behind a giant stone wall.

On the other side of the wall, they could hear water rushing and birds chirping, they could smell fresh flowers and above their heads, there were tree branches laden with fresh fruits hanging over the wall's edge. With a smile, the first man climbed the wall and disappeared into the garden. With a smile, the other man returned to the desert, seeking other lost travelers.

You see in life, in your life! Be kind to the next man perhaps you have the cure for his ailment, and when you find paradise on earth, make sure to take others with you. maybe it is true that you can only save yourself, but with your smile and your goodwill, you can spark the heart of those that are less fortunate than you.

This is there today's motivation stories thank you so much for reading this article and stay blessed

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