The Law Of Karma Buddha Story

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Hi everyone, today's motivation story is "The Law Of Karma Buddha Story"

Rohini was one of Buddha's chief female disciples, this story is about when Rohini did not become a disciple of the buddha. The story goes like this Gautham Buddha had a disciple whose name was Anuradha

On one occasion, Anuradha visited his hometown Kapilavastu. While he was staying at the monastery there all his family members and relatives came to see him except his sister Rohini. On learning from them that Rohini didn't come because she was suffering from a skin disease named leprosy.

He sent her a message and asked her to come to meet him covering her face in shame, Rohini came to meet his brother Annurudha, due to leprosy she was suffering from itching and pain in her whole body, monk Anuradha told her to do some meritorious deeds and constructs an assembly hall for the monks as her misery was due to some previous karma. Since she didn't have much money to build the hall, he suggested she sell some of the clothing and jewelry to build an almsgiving hall for the monks.

Rohini agreed to do as she was told, Anuradha also asked his other relatives to help in the construction of the hall further, he told Rohini to sweep the floor of the almsgiving the hall and fill the waterpots every day even while the construction was going on she did as she was instructed and she began to get better slowly and slowly, her skin rashes started to disappear, When the hall was completed. Lord Buddha and his disciples were invited for alms-food after the meal, the Buddha asked for the donor of the building and alms-food but Rohini was not there so, the Buddha sent for her and she came, Buddha asked Rohini if she knew the reason for her affliction.

She replied that she did not so the Buddha told her a story of her past and as explained by the supreme buddha. Many births ago Rohini had been the Queen of the king of Benares, there was a dancer in the king's court and she was the king's favorite dancer the Queen became incredibly jealous of her and plotted a scheme against her. One day, Queen secretly told her servants to put itching powder in dancers' beds then they called to the dancer, and when she arrived, they threw the itching powder on her. In pain and desperation, the girl went to take a rest in her bed but due to itching powder in her bed, she suffered even more.

Because of this, the dancer had to suffer a lot then Buddha concluded that Rohini had come to her current conditions due to this evil deed but due to her meritorious deeds her disease is slowly and slowly disappearing now. The Supreme Buddha then advised the devotees and monks not to act foolishly in anger and not to bear any ill will towards others, then the Buddha spoke in verse as follows:

He said, Give up anger, abandon conceit, overcome all fetters suffering does not befall one who does not cling to mind and body and is free from moral defilements which mean that one should be given up anger, one should not be arrogant and overcome all obstacles in your spiritual path. The person who does not get attached to his body and is not under the control of his mind never suffer in this world after listening to these words from Gautam Buddha, Rohini attained the first stage of Shrotapanna (Sainthood) she became a disciple of Gautam Buddha and continued to perform many meritorious deeds.

If we see in our life we will see that sometimes we commit awful and hateful deeds out of the ill will, anger, and commits jealousy but we forget that if one commits such wrong actions they will be subject to suffering in their future lives. Therefore as the Buddha preached we should abandon anger, jealousy, and ill will and never act with bad intentions in doing so, you can avoid terrible Fates and bad results the whole world works according to the principle of karma. You reap what you sow, that's why always try not to hurt anyone do not keep hatred in your mind for anyone.

This is today's motivational story thank you so much for reading this article, and stay blessed

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