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A sad story about a shepherd and a wolf

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I killed my best friend 60 years ago

An old shepherd, who had been tending sheep for over 70 years, was asked by reporters to tell them something special that had happened to him during those years. The reason why the journalists came at all was that the state decided to award him an honorary pension for his 80th birthday, because he had done his job honestly for a full seven decades.

At first, the old man defended himself by saying that he was just an ordinary shepherd and he was already uncomfortable that those whom a man would not even dream of came at all, let alone that someone else would write about him in the newspaper he is, anyway. illiterate, just knew they existed. The journalists did not want to leave just like that, and in the end, the old man relented and started the story.

"When I was twenty, I found a little weak puppy in the woods. I liked him so small, so I just picked him up with me without thinking. After a few days I fell in love with him. I dragged him everywhere with me, shared with him which I had myself.And the dog progressed nicely.But the villagers teased me saying that it was a wolf and that I should kill it because a great evil would happen.How could I obey them when it grew in my heart? it became rugged, big, and when I would sometimes forget something in the village, I was free to let it go, saying to bring it to me myself.It was a very smart dog and he helped me look after the sheep.

One late, summer afternoon, the sky somehow pressed. It was clear, but the air was heavy, as if it was going to rain. I entered a hut in the mountains, which also housed a sheep pen that was planted there in the shade of a few trees. As soon as I lay down on the bed, my eyes closed on their own. I don't know how long I lay there, only something woke me up. Some grunting and growling! Everything was kind of muted, so I wasn’t sure if I was sleeping it or awake. I went out to see what was going on though. The door of the hut faced west.

In the direction of the Sun, my dog ​​was sitting. His snout was all bloody, and as he turned sideways, the sun shone through his eyes. It was as if he had two embers in their place. Everything seemed so unreal all the more, that in front of him was a pile of still hot meat from a bygone life. I immediately realized what had happened. I entered the hut coldly, calmly and took off my rifle above the door and went out again. I raised my rifle slightly, aimed it at my wolf's head. He didn't even move. It was as if he felt guilty for gambling my trust, which I had invested in him. I pulled the trigger and he fell.

In order to somehow save what could be saved, I went to the village to get one of the villagers and a car. I was a little ashamed that I had not listened to the villagers before. The sun was just setting when we started loading the corpses of sheep into carts. You can imagine how much my astonishment was when I came across three corpses of a wolf and one female wolf among the sheep! My heart sank and tears welled up in my eyes. I killed my true friend, I suspected a star in the sky.

60 years have passed since then, and I can't forget that picture, as if it happened today. Since then, I’ve somehow withdrawn into myself. The words reluctantly crossed my lips. I was very careful. It became clear to me that there was no more room in my soul for any condemnation at any time. The price of that was high, and no one asked me if I wanted to buy that experience. "

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1 year ago
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