Who is Debadiboo?? : An introduction

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11 months ago

Hello, my name is Debbie, 20 years old. An artist, dreamer, goal digger and a small business owner.

Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself. Like I've said my name is Debbie, but I go by as Debadiboo or Debo.

I would like to start my introduction with my art journey.

Start of my art Journey

I started doing art when I was in elementary. I was only 8 years old when I start having passion for arts. Well like everyone's experience I also starts with a stick man drawing lol.

Seriously I draw everyday, starting with those paper dolls and making dress for them. Like how I loved coloring their dresses. I just love every details if you know what I'm saying. Because if you're dedicated on something and you put so much love and effort on it, it would really fill your heart with so much joy. Trust me.

Tho Luckily, I had some art materials to work with and continue doing my passion. One day I came up with an idea of doing business, this is the most interesting part of my art journey.

I was only 12 years old that time and I start making a booklet out of bond paper and then sew it or just compile it using a glue. And write a story on the booklet that I made and draw to express the story and to make it more entertaining. Note I only sell those booklet to my neighbors's kids.

Fun part, everytime after I sell a booklet. I would literally run to nearest sari-sari store (neighborhood or sundry store here in the Philippines) just to buy my favorite snack which is "sasas" lol. Everytime I remember this event of my life I would smile and I always say " I'm proud of my self" .

A sample cover of booklet that I made

It was a long time ago, unfortunately I didn't saved even one of my art booklet.

With making this project of mine has made my passion and love for arts sparks more. This really completes my childhood, and I would really love to go back and experience again. If I could go back time, I would tell this to my young self "Go little rock star ✨, continue what you love".

In very journey or story of life there are always haters. They would talk smack me and throwing hurtful jokes. What can I say, I am unbothered. I'm just being true to myself and I do not care about what others criticisms. I just focus and continue doing so and keep earning for myself.

Ariel, The little Mermaid

A lovely work of art. In this artwork I use black and red pens. As you can see there are dirt smudges everywhere because this is one of my oldest artwork .

Everyday I would draw to enhance my skill. There is no one day process. In order for me to improve my art medium, I need to practice everyday. If you're reading this keep pushing I know it get tired sometimes. I Just trust the process and now I see results.

As time goes by, my skill also improves.

This are my artworks.

Mr. Bean in sketchpad


An art portrait for a friend

This is a birthday present for a classmate slash friend.

Art is the way I could express myself, about how I feel towards people.

Art is the way I express myself and this has saved me a lot of times when I'm feeling down. I would run somewhere take my sketchpad and pen to draw, I draw until pain fades.

If there are happy moments there are also sad moments. I also experienced losing interest on art. Like I experience artblock for four long years. But no matter how hard I tried to forget and get rid of art in my life. I believe whatever meant for you will always comeback.

Now what I always do is, I always manifest things I wanted to happen in my life to keep my eye focus on my goals.

This year, January 2, 2022 to be exact. I started doing art commissions and this are the products.

Semi-realistic Commission Art

Instead of feeling down and having doubts on myself. What I did is I took a pencil and courage to finish this commission piece. I also stopped halfway doing this portrait just to smile, because I was amaze of my work.

Commission Art

This is my first ever art commission and this completes my life. As an artist this kind of achievement is something we loved to experience. This is not about the money we earn but it is about the service we give. Because as an artist myself, we are proud of our artworks.

Remember we as a human, we are our own greatest work. So move and do your thing.


Keep the fire burning, if there is something that sparks your interest try it! You will never know you will succeed if you don't dare to try. Like everybody says if there is no opportunity you build a door. Whatever path we're going to take remember there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Just keep on going. ✨

Authors note

Hello, I'm new to Read.cash this is my first time writing an article, I hope you guys learn from it. I'm excited to share more in the following time.

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11 months ago


Hello debbie! Welcome to read cash! Your works are really lovely! Looking forward to more of your works and articles soon!

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11 months ago

Hi Debbie, welcome to read.cash. Ang ganda ng mga artworks mo lalo na si Mr. Bean at si Ariel.😍

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11 months ago