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3 years ago

Ooohh well, whole day I am wandering and thinking about lot of things. I often remind myself of the most important things in life.

I have been with people with different priorities. Some gives much value to family, most values friends more than family. I’ve got friends that spend almost of their time, everyday, month on their job. I have seen people who live their lives “just going with flow” and sometimes acts as if nothing’s going on around them haha!

Regarding young people, they are spending more of their time on social medias and gamings today, most of them never even give value in having meal with the family. Their are lot who spends much focus on making money and forget about paying attention to their love ones.

Most people loves spending their lives as a routine and never get bother of making and trying something new. A lot of people live their lives with recklessness.

In the end, it’s true that we should live each day as if it will be our last, only then we can give the best in us to mold the best of us and fulfill the purpose for which God has made us. Ooohhh, it’s a great day to set my mind for refreshment.

What about you? What are your 3 top most priorities? and why that one is the first, and this the second and the other the third?

After this, is your mind refreshed too?

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