Are you with the right one?

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3 years ago

If you are going to check your circle, which one are you longing after? Quantity or Quality?

It’s lovely to have a lot of friends, as most people says “ the more the merrier ’’ but, the question is.. how do they affect you as an individual? Are they taking you to the best of you? or are they stealing that best in you?

Bad company corrupts good character. Be reminded that our circle creates huge impacts in the way we think, the way we live, it can even affect the things we want to be.

A lot of successful people today had been in poverty, how did they become successful? they surrounded themselves with people that gives value in success. If you are a musician that aims for improvement, you will hang out with good musicians. If you loves to cook, you’ll surround yourself with people that loves to cook. If you want to fail, you surround yourself with negative people. If you want a happy marriage, choose the right one too.

OUR CIRCLE REALLY AFFECTS US, THAT’S A TRUTH. Always check, and learn who can’t walk with you before destroy you. Surround yourself with people who have dreams, who aims for success, who strives for the best, people that will inspire you and help you build your dreams and will always encourage you that you can do better each day.

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