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Monday Challenges from D.Buzz
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Hello friends.

A morning routine is important for a number of reasons. It can help you start your day on the right foot, set the tone for the day, and help you get into a productive mindset. A morning routine can also help you get organized and make time for the things that are important to you.

Last weekend at the DBuzz offices, we got into a rather hot debate about teeth brushing, and when in the morning you should do it. When you wake up, or after breakfast, or... the other way around? ... but it's about the morning routine.

For us, it's waking up bleary-eyed and questioning why the alarm is going off so early. Fumble for the snooze button and lay in bed for 5 more minutes before reluctantly getting up. Stretching and trying to ignore the aches and pains that come with age. Head to the shower and try to make the water as hot as possible to wake yourself up. Stand in the shower for a bit longer than necessary because it feels good. Get out and dry off, then spend too much time trying to find the perfect outfit. Finally get dressed and head downstairs, grumbling the whole way. Make yourself some coffee and sit down to start your day. Almost everyone has a morning routine, whether it's just like the above, or more active.

And that brings us to this week's challenge!

Time to start your day!

Today's challenge

The morning routine - almost everyone has one. It's the time of day when you can finally wake up and start your day. For some people, the morning routine is a time to relax and enjoy peace and quiet. For others, it's a time to get up and get moving. No matter what your morning routine is, it's a great way to start your day. Today, we want to know what your morning routine is.

P.s: If you add in when you brush your teeth, you will get an extra High Five from us too, and help us settle this debate at the office.

Will you join in the fun?

This week's challenge

At some point in the next 6 days...

  • On a post on D.Buzz, tell us about your morning routine.

  • Hashtag that post with #dbuzzmorning

  • Post a link to your buzz on a comment below.

  • Buzz to Twitter for an extra high-five from us! ;)

Thank You


  • After seven days (next Monday, at some point), we will select a winner from all valid entries.

  • We will then make an announcement post on the following Monday and tag you.

  • The prize will be sent to the winner soon after the winner is announced.

  • No, follow, or upvote required to join.

What is the prize?

  • The prize is 10 HIVE sent to you.

Last Week’s Winner!

By random draw, the winner of last week's challenge is...

@chinito 🙌

Who posted this Buzz:

  • Great photo you have there - he looks like a good guy to know for sure!

  • Congratulations on winning!

  • You will receive the prize from our rewards account shortly. :)

Thank you for playing!

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

Just comment below.

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