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What is and Resource Credits

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2 months ago

What is and Resource Credits

What's good friends?

Today we have a short talk about what is, why it's important to know about, and a little about resource credits.

To start, let's first talk about Dapps.

D.Buzz is known as a "Decentralized Application" or, "Dapp" for short. Dapps are applications that in some sense, do not have a central data repository for data. Almost any application built on HIVE is a Dapp. In contrast, an application such as WordPress or Facebook will pull and post information from the same central repository.

  • This is an oversimplification of the actual process, wherein many databases may actually be used.

The database that Dapps use is the decentralized hive database which is maintained by witnesses who own servers across the world.

When you make a post in a Dapp such as D.Buzz, you send a transaction. That transaction gets recorded on the HIVE blockchain. That posting of data cost Resource Credits to use.

A resource credit is just an allocation of computer processing time for you to post data to the Hive.

If you run out of resource credits you will not be able to do any further transactions until those resource credits renew. Resource credits will renew in about/over a 24-hour time frame. provides a window into all the transactions and interactions your account takes on the blockchain. You can view your very first post, every vote, every transaction, and interaction with your account that use the blockchain on any HIVE Dapp. And that is awesome!

In addition, you can view how much voting power you have left and resource credits.

Here's a small video talking about

We hope you'll spend some time and explore all the different ways and help you truly own your account and be in control.

Over and out.


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Written by   7
2 months ago
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