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Weekly Development Updates for D.Buzz - Today : Meet the "More" Button

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5 months ago

Weekly Development Updates for D.BUZZ - Today : Our Own Content Render.

Hey there!

Images are big part of any social media platform. Being able to share images with your friends, post a photo of the delicious meal you had, or make us jealous with that amazing beach photo, are all part of the social media experience that we have come to know and love.

The last few weeks D.BUZZ has been experiencing challenges with its media server. This is mostly because we were using a image proxy solution from the Hive Image Hoster. This was only meant as a temporary fix to another issue, a stopgap as we completed work on our own image render. The last few weeks the image url would first goes to the Hive Image Hoster, than it would return a proxied URL. It was a long process, and that's why some of the images weren't loading properly. Again, this was never meant to be a permanent solution just a temporary one as we worked on our own in-house solution.

Happy to say that this week we have started testing our own content render, and will be moving away from the proxy solution shortly. This is also fantastic news as it's going to open many more possibilities on how we can process images and media in the future. Stay tuned for more exciting updates to this in the coming weeks.

Another cool feature that is coming out is the Hide and See preview toggle. Sometimes you don't need to check out that Buzz preview as you know whats up #Pro. Sometimes you do, #perfection. This new feature will allow you to save some screen real estate in your composing with the click of the button.

We've also continued on the crusade to eliminate bugs on D.BUZZ. And have successfully killed even more. We are working diligently to make this the best platform ever!

Lastly, The search feature wasn't working too well (* if not all), and this has now been addressed and will be working once again.

While we are pushing out all these updates to our testing server at, will we roll them out (in time / when tested) to the main platform (D.BUZZ) shortly. This week we're intending to also push out a second round of update before the end of the week with additional neat features. Stay tuned for that surprise as well!

Here are the updates.

v3.23.0-dev - 
Next.D.Buzz (Testnet)

DBuzz’s own content renderer

  • Recently we’ve received reports about images not rendering correctly on DBuzz, so we tried to fix that issue by creating our own custom content renderer to show image directly – instead of doing the proxy thing, we have also updated and improved URL & Mentions feature in this render, and we’re excited to tell that there’s more to come since we now have our own renderer now.

Hide/See Preview Buzz Toggle

  • Now you can easily hide or see your Buzz Preview with the new toggle which we’ve added in the buzz box.

Minor Bug Fixes

  • We have squashed some of the bugs to make DBuzz even better for our users.

Other fixes:

Fixed Search Service

  • Our search service wasn’t working from past few days, it’s has been fixed now.

Side-note: We have more to come along or later this week!

Summary :

Image uploads will be incrementally getting better, performance and stability of D.BUZZis going to keep improving. We're pushing out more updates as the week goes on.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure!

  • What do you think of today's updates?

  • What are you most excited about?

  • Do you have any updates you would like to see the future?

- The D.BUZZ

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Written by   16
5 months ago
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