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Weekly Development Updates for D.Buzz - Today: Fixes and Improvements Keep Coming

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5 months ago

Weekly Development Updates for D.BUZZ - Today: Fixes and Improvements Keep Coming

What're Good Friends?

With last week's update, a lot of the issues that our users were experiencing have significantly decreased. The implementation of our own content rendering system has helped a lot in the processing of images. While there are still issues, we are striving towards perfection on this front and identified a few of the other issues holding back image uploads over 1 MB and are addressing them.

This week we are continuing on our roadmap of bug squishing. Our updates this week have been mainly focused on fixing issues ( more bug squishing) and making improvements for ease of use.

Some of the bugs that we squish this week involve issues revolving around hashtags not accepting dashes and underscores, the emoji box not working sometimes, few other issues with emojis, sometimes the cursor not showing up with the typing is happening. All minor things, but we're proving to be an issue for our end-users. We have addressed a lot of these many more.

Each week that goes by the D.BUZZ is continuing to get more stable, faster, and has scalability for users. We are, as ever, dedicated to the ongoing growth and development of this platform.

In other news, we're happy to announce that as of today we reached 501 referred accounts to the HIVE platform with the D.Buzz referral link. That is 501 new HIVE users to our happy community! Lets keep growing. :D

Below are the complete update notes for this week. Enjoy~

D.BUZZ - v3.20.0 (Mainnet)

What's New?

  • D.BUZZ ’s own content renderer is now live on the main site!

    -- We've built our own content renderer so we can render the content in a much better way.

  • Hide/See Preview Buzz Toggle

    -- Now you can easily hide or see your Buzz Preview with the new toggle which we’ve added in the buzz box.

Next.D.BUZZ - v3.23.1-dev (Testnet)

  • This release is explicitly focused on bug fixes and improvements *

Bug Fixes

  • Added image file size limit to fix large image not uploading issues

  • Fixed hashtags not accepting dashes and underscores.

  • Fixed emoji box not working in buzz modal.

  • Fixed clicking an emoji always adds the emoji at the end of the post or comment,
    not on where the typing cursor is.

  • Fixed upvoting using zero voting power shows a transaction

  • Failed error instead of an actual error message.

  • Fixed single buzz recognized as a thread, now it will not show the discard thread popup in single buzz.

  • Fixed other minor bugs.


  • Added new character counter in reply modal.

  • Added new character counter in update buzz modal.

Summary :

D.BUZZ now has the improve content render and updates from last week. On our testing platform where rolled out additional fixes and improvements, while we identified a few remaining issues with image upload issues.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure!

  • What do you think of today's updates?

  • What are you most excited about?

  • Do you have any updates you would like to see the future?

- The D.BUZZ

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Written by   16
5 months ago
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