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Recap of this Week's Posts by D.Buzz Vol.33

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2 months ago

Recap of this Week's Posts by D.Buzz
For the week ending on : (2/14/2021) | Vol.33

What's Buzzing Friends...

Every week we go off and try to find an interesting bit of a tidbit, a fun fact to tickle you pink. Perhaps something to make you ponder and chuckle, as you just learning a strange fact.

Today's nougat of a strange but true fact, comes from the world of neuroscience. Out of all the things that neuroscientist discovered, they also discovered that, rats laugh when tickled (*OMG, right?).

Yes, if you tickle a rat, it will LOL at you. Cant say we have ever put this act to the test, but if you were wondering more about this strange but amazing thing, you could watch this awesome video from National Geographic. Tickling rats science.

Now that you are squeaking with joy overhearing our longtailed furry friends giggle, smile your way down the page for this week's update from D.Buzz.

Last Sunday

Here's a link to the previous recap post from last Sunday. >> 2/7/2021 <<

Read it here:


Our last pets of hive challenge for now (#petsOfHive), Is your chance to submit a photo of your furry friend enjoy life and enter for your chance to win 15 HIVE!

Read it here:


Heeding the call of our community, we developed a private messaging system built on the HIVE block chain and will be revealing it next Tuesday!!

Read it here:


Lately it seems Wednesdays are problem days for us... Our servers went down for a bit today but came back. we published an article about why that happened as well and were taking rapid action to ensure it does not happen again.

Read it here:



@mehmetfix, a pretty cool person blogging about their life who you should check out. Send this person a friend requests as they are our community highlight of the week!! :D

Read it here:


Today we talked about launching blockchain domains or unstoppable domains and how they are in the process of decentralizing websites.

Read it here:


Your weekly dose of inspiration. Curated content of some of the best blog posts of the week on D.BUZZ. Check it out! 

Read it here:

Knuckle bump Bro / Bro-ett.

Thanks for being an active reader here on our blog.

As we move forward, we aim to build a strong community.

  • If you have any suggestions on what we can do better, please let us know.

See you all Monday!

- The D.BUZZ

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Written by   7
2 months ago
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