On The Spot Reward Summary, Week 74

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What's the good word, D.Buzz fam!

Welcome to Saturday,

Wow, sometimes it feels like time just flies past. It seems like only yesterday we did our last On the Spot Regards summary post, but WOW, 7 days ago now.

When time feels like it is going fast, it is important we take time to enjoy what's around us, the smaller things, the parts of life that are sometimes overlooked.

One way of doing this is by drawing or painting. This week, @k5905200786 painted an epic horse running in their imanangation. You have to watch and be mindful to make such an art work.

@lalo84x and their buddy Charlie demonstrate the perfect way to slow down time a little. Go outside, sniff some flowers, enjoy the day and the time we have here.

Or if you are like @sanmyathtew7, you may want to sit for a while with rabbits and learn the way of the Hare. Read plants, hop around playing in fields, and spend time outside... They are wise indeed.

If the way of a rabbit is not inspiring, perhaps that of a Bee. Take the image that @miingjazz posted of a bee on a flower. They get to fly around, enjoying flowers, the sun, and will go home to make honey. Sounds like a good job to us.

Spending time next to flowers helps slow time down. Check out the photo from @ong.aye.myat.mon. Looking at their colors and shapes is like looking into a beautiful painting. The petals have a way of catching the light and the fragrance can transport you to another place. It's no wonder that spending time near flowers can help us calm down and slow down the pace of our lives.

You can also enjoy walking around your city a little like @dacayruth did when they captured a fantastic moment, outside on what looks like a fantastic day.

@shikika agrees that it is a fantastic day as well in their post. The rustling of the tree, the wild wind blowing its branches... makes for a zen moment to enjoy.

Speaking of Zen moments, the picture from @rasbas of the setting sun, on the beach... that is a moment that you hold in your heart and enjoy for a long time after the sun has set.

The photo that @newhope1988 posted was of a child thrilled to be alive, smiling happily. That is the goal, or at least we think so. Enjoy life, smile, be happy and in the moment. :)

After it is all said and done, enjoying a tasty meal like the one that @ayee11 did, brings it all together. Taste, aroma, people, YES to that 100%!

In conclusion, time flies by quickly, and it's important to make the most of it. This means being mindful of the present and not letting it slip away. It also means being proactive in our lives so that we can create the future we want for ourselves.

Thank you for joining us this week. Enjoy the weekend everyone.

This dog gets it... need to find our inner dog too

#74 (Starting | 3/21/2022)


@k5905200786 https://d.buzz/#/@k5905200786/c/bsyjh25hbb7xf6kfj8zzk9

@dacayruth https://d.buzz/#/@dacayruth/c/4zuewzzzuyjsy1u569ky2r

@shikika https://d.buzz/#/@shikika/c/fx0zf176vgeh0a1jxcupgb

@lalo84x https://d.buzz/#/@lalo84x/c/flvg3ab9xs67u7q5lha5qq

@miingjazz https://d.buzz/#/@miingjazz/c/ocrghky88te64jf10qr9in

@ong.aye.myat.mon https://d.buzz/#/@ong.aye.myat.mon/c/zokpyr8fqqan1ta977noqn

@sanmyathtew7 https://d.buzz/#/@sanmyathtew7/c/bltfxeoda19hbzj3k4pzou

@newhope1988 https://d.buzz/#/@newhope1988/c/7v9vv1t10hzs9nkl97kmcj

@rasbas https://d.buzz/#/@rasbas/c/ydasj0l4gsd4ahgjkhap43

@ayee11 https://d.buzz/#/@ayee11/c/43xadnx7z97xj4p6bjsaw9

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