On The Spot Reward Summary, Week 73

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What's the good word, D.Buzz fam!

Welcome to Saturday,

Welcome to the weekend! Are you ready to let loose and have some fun? This is the time to forget about all your troubles and just enjoy yourself. Whether you're hitting the town or staying in, there's plenty to do. So get ready to have some fun!

It could seem like the day before the weekend is here is like being in a cage. @zangetsu25 captures this feeling well with the epic, photo of a caged bird. We think it is a hawk or falcon, ether way, just like us and at the weekend, open the door and watch out!

If you are @richard81 however, you have just made a new friend for life. They found the most adorable puppy on the street and took it in. Talk about a fun weekend ahead for them.

Sometimes, it is better to turn on the disco party like @flipflopcrypto did. They have such a wild bike to take tourists around on, it sorta blows our minds. Where are you, and how much is a ride in that cart sir?

If you enjoy a tasty weekend, look no further than @harinette and the banana of legend, Wow. The team here at the office was driven close to hunger induced fury looking at that delight.

To go along with that bread, you need to check out the bronzed cups of coffee that @hawaezada66 shared. We did not even know that was a thing. However, here we are, and it is. Neat!

Another wild coffee ride you can take, is the cold brew served from the device that @gestorsocial found in the wild. That coffee will surely pick you up for the day.

Perhaps getting wired on coffee is not your thing. That is okay. You can spend time in nature like @suralart did. The trees and sun look so calming.

The team also wanted to give a big shout-out to @harulovesanime, who turned 31 and has a calendar that their dad made for them. So nice to see that, the anime on it rocks!

Speaking of art, you will also want to head over to the post from @holaortubia to see the art corner they made. That little angle of heaven is filled with unique art for you to see.

To close up this weekend's round-up of D.Buzz posts, check out the art from @edskymiguel wife. It shows a human touch to honor life and love. It made us smile, and we think you will too.

In conclusion, although the traditional view of the weekend is one of rest and relaxation, there are many ways to enjoy this time that don't involve sitting on the couch watching TV. Be proactive in finding activities that interest you and get out there and enjoy the company of others. The weekend is a time to recharge your batteries and do something new, so make the most of it!

Thanks for inviting D.Buzz to be part of your world. We always look forward to the epic stories and posts you share. :)

Even Sloths jam on the weekend!

#73 (Starting | 3/14/2022)


@zangetsu25 https://d.buzz/#/@zangetsu25/c/wqbf8w6dlrnpggznh3sqnv

@harinette https://d.buzz/#/@harinette/c/rit291ppprqcbtemw5yqe4

@hawaezada66 https://d.buzz/#/@hawaezada66/c/4y7qcy6vb65k9bkvo2f148

@suralart https://d.buzz/#/@suralart/c/hu9vki93nbta3u598mv1dk

@gestorsocial https://d.buzz/#/@gestorsocial/c/auna2tk93bn4ezftp5c0id

@richard81 https://d.buzz/#/@richard81/c/d0bpiypj3csvnklq1aqyt8

@harulovesanime https://d.buzz/#/@harulovesanime/c/nkehgjq47a5k2k51a4n48q

@flipflopcrypto https://d.buzz/#/@flipflopcrypto/c/jfxcuceuttwciaxwh8myhw

@holaortubia https://d.buzz/#/@holaortubia/c/f944oueekeh55a0wj9oqcn

@edskymiguel https://d.buzz/#/@edskymiguel/c/zcr3yvf76ylcrvr6j6jb69

Congratulations to all of you - your content and imagery inspires us to post more.
Keep being amazing!

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