On The Spot Reward Summary, Week 71

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What's the good word, D.Buzz fam!

Welcome to Saturday,

The long week is over and it's Saturday! Time for new posts and new beginnings. This weekend, make sure to relax and enjoy the little things. Maybe catch up on some sleep, read a good book, or take a walk in the park. Whatever you do, make sure to enjoy yourself!

Let's kick off this weekend round up with some love, or should we say !LUV. The one and only @crrdlx updated the Luv levels, so that those who hold Luv can give out different amounts now. NICE, time for us to upgrade to 'Luv Legend'!

Another legend, is @emranhossain14 who had a very memorable day, and they shared with the community. Wow, so nice, We hope you have many, many more of them.

We also want to send the best birthday wishes to the son of @walarhein, who this week enjoyed some great looking cake. Yummm. Again, we hope you have many, many more of them too. :)

With birthdays, comes new skills. Such as the great photo captured by @newhope1988 of their daughter riding a bike. Many great memories are made on sunny days riding bikes around.

If you do ride bikes a lot, you will know how important carbs are. @ryo-6414 dropped a tasty photo of 'food Soba', it looks like pasta, so we think it is good for carbs and biking lol.

Biking is about exploring, and @luueetang is exploring a city at night! We do not know how they got that photo, but it does look cool. We bet it was a memorable evening.

If the city at night is not your jam, then you will love the photo from @lwinlwinmyint, who posed about nature at dusk. So epic... next time invite us to go see this too, okay?

Speaking of looking up, this week brought a lot of blue skies from around the world, and @bendotri posted some photos of the surrounding skies around them, deep blues, and perfect clouds. YES!

This next photo could be described as a living cloud, fluffy, perfect, and such an adorable cat. The picture from @charlieanne we think, is the living version of a cloud. :)

You know what... pets... they are the best friends we have no matter what. @sarunya shared such a perfect photo, it touched our hearts. Love love love. Just look at that face. :)

In conclusion, although it is a long week, Saturday is here, which means new posts and a chance to start fresh. We hope this week has been good to you and that you're able to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Thanks for inviting D.Buzz to be part of your world. We always look forward to the epic stories and posts you share. :)

Flying through clouds... if only...

#70 (Starting | 2/21/2022)


@charlieanne https://d.buzz/#/@charlieanne/c/cdh2t1slt6y2zyokzeozzq

@bendotri https://d.buzz/#/@bendotri/c/5tniyrxebqrahl3iwyjao3

@ryo-6414 https://d.buzz/#/@ryo-6414/c/evys6cz0wn8zhlf83i7xkt

@sarunya https://d.buzz/#/@sarunya/c/h5z98xrp936ahpgykf515f

@luueetang https://d.buzz/#/@luueetang/c/cfu5l971pltcz2313s1qzx

@lwinlwinmyint https://d.buzz/#/@lwinlwinmyint/c/yjsyxbv804330jaqljbze2

@newhope1988 https://d.buzz/#/@newhope1988/c/b9qlrcn0svgqdsio1j8oj9

@walarhein https://d.buzz/#/@walarhein/c/q0aqtjewp8tlq7wqcptwzz

@crrdlx https://d.buzz/#/@crrdlx/c/p7mon99lyvi6dozqq2vsr0

@emranhossain14 https://d.buzz/#/@emranhossain14/c/pled3b7uh21gcgu492vod0

Congratulations to all of you - your content and imagery inspires us to post more.
Keep being amazing!

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