On The Spot Reward Summary, Week 67

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What's the good word, D.Buzz fam!

Welcome to Saturday, and Happy New Year to our Asian friends!

In Asia, Chinese New Year, also known as Tết (short for Tết Nguyên Đán, Spring Festival) or the Lunar New Year, is a time of celebration. Families come together to eat, drink, and be merry. For many, it is also a time for reflection and resolution. We want to wish all of you the best in the new lunar year. :D

@caccie is one of our community members who celebrated the Lunar New Year and posted a fantastic photo of the celebration for us to see. WOW, looks like it was a great experience.

@rshaaaq is another community member who loves the new year and spends it with their puppy outside. They asked for belly rubs and, well, we would be more than happy to give them all the rubs. hahaha.

Another pet we would love to - love on is the kitten that @ayee11 has. They are just so darn cute it almost hurts to look at, but look we do, and dream of giving them many pets.

Not everyone is having the best start to the new year. @luueetang took a photo of the heavy rain they have experienced. The rain is bad, but it will bring a lot of flowers in the springtime.

Something else waiting for spring are the ships that @valerianis posted. These giants are frozen in place waiting for the spring to thaw them out, so they can sail once again in the blue waters.

Luckily, not all the water is frozen right now. @lauramica posted a picture of Panoramic Point in Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina. In it, the waters are blue, and they welcome you to take a dip. Jealous? We sure are.

Another photo that made us jealous is the one that @reidenling90 shared. The "Tom Yum Gong" soup looks like it would be an epic delight to try. We are going to add it to our bucket list of world delights to sample.

Speaking of delights, the photo from @flordecar26 made us smile this week. One look at the photo and you are inspired in many ways, or should we say inspired in 5 letters. :D

Finally, this week, we also found the photo that @ezequiel09 posted to be amazing in its own right. The brown mantis they posted is a well-known symbol of the Earth. In this new lunar year, we are thankful for the Earth and all our friends who are on it.

Thank you for making D.Buzz a part of your life. Have an incredible weekend, everybody!

2022, Year of the Tiger!

#67 (Starting | 1/31/2022)


@nata86 https://peakd.com/hive-193084/@nata86/aiux7uybelyrl2e1d2pkxq

@ezequiel09 https://d.buzz/#/@ezequiel09/c/p47bgczzfibm6ubrrp7uua

@flordecar26 https://d.buzz/#/@flordecar26/c/a388u7mfkgo8viqaneglni

@reidenling90 https://d.buzz/#/@reidenling90/c/0xtnnhja28nif8z9awxsfj

@caccie https://d.buzz/#/@caccie/c/2nzytbinlkqdx337sna7sd

@ayee11 https://d.buzz/#/@ayee11/c/cazlra20zsvz04m0o1f55o

@valerianis https://d.buzz/#/@valerianis/c/yretna4id27o7kekczwfjd

@lauramica https://d.buzz/#/@lauramica/c/trq7kw514399cf9c8iv5cx

@luueetang https://d.buzz/#/@luueetang/c/rs3v612ox97c7ld48g4f75

@rshaaaq https://d.buzz/#/@rshaaaq/c/4dgb9136lo6ljjj2moiro5

Congratulations to all of you - your content and imagery inspires us to post more.
Keep being amazing!

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