On The Spot Reward Summary, Week 52

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What's the good word, D.Buzz fam!

Welcome to the weekend.

You know what happened 52 weeks ago today?

Give up?

The spot-on, on-the-spot rewards program was launched this day last year! That is correct. Only 52 short weeks ago,go we launched this program. We launched it as a way to say thank you every week to all of you. We launched it as a way to say, thank you to the content curators who inspire us. And, we launched it as a way to give back to our community.

It has been an amazing first year, with a lot of very inspirational posts, photos, stories, recommendations, and so much more being shared on D.Buzz. Truly humbling.

All things considered, we believe it has been an ultra successful first year of this program, and we are looking forward to year two, along with all the amazing stories that are bound to come!

Today's rewards program is also mega super special, as it is our first sponsored rewards week! That means, this week, all the liquid $HIVE rewards to be distributed were sponsored by the amazing, out-of-this-world, @iamraincrystal.

The extraordinary @iamraincrystal engages with numerous people on D.Buzz daily, and works to promote the overall Hive ecosystem relentlessly. When asked why she chose to sponsor this week's on the spot rewards program, she said...

Thank you so much for sharing your stories. I appreciate your support.

An incredibly humble response, from someone we want to give many high-fives to. Big shout out to you @iamraincrystal - thank you for your support and your belief in our program! :D

So who did we highlight this week?

Well, @felixgarciap shared with us a photo of a very courteous, wacky wavable flailing inflatable tube man, to which we say, "good day sir”.

Our good friend, @englishwithnate, increased our vocabulary (+1) with the word "NULLIFY". Definitely a word you want to keep in your arsenal for the proper moment.

@ronasoliva1104 presented us with a slice of life with a photo of her aunt preparing dinner. Nothing like a home-cooked meal.

Also sharing delectable food photos, @nessie2645 tantalized us with some dumplings, while @sarunya made our mouth water with a colorful slice of magical unicorn cake. @mehmetfix prepared a great breakfast with his uncle! Food unites the world together.

Another thing that unites us all is toys. @guruvaj shared with us his son's collection of little green army men. So many, we bet they have many epic battles.

Something else that is epic, is the video that @crrdlx shared with us talking about the granddaddy of crypto, bitcoin. The animation was great, and well worth watching!

As bitcoin's price keeps rising many are making money, @joeylim talked about how he felt guilty about having money, but reminded us to reframe our thoughts on the topic.

@harulovesanime and @c1udadan0x delivered us some thoughtful poems that filled our need for cultural enlightenment. While the photo from @koenau, depicting a field of poppies, filled our hearts with joy.

On the topic of flowers in summer… @tdctunes, has been rocking a challenge all summer, and has decided to extend it into the spring of 2022. Keep strong friend, keep strong!

Lastly, both @edugomal and @jimmy.adames shared with us inspirational messages to fill us with hope.

This week has presented us with a wide array of different types of media, many types of content that people shared on D.Buzz. However, what has been shared this week, is nothing compared to what has been shared over the last year, and what will be shared in the following year, is a mystery, but we will wager it will be even more awesome.

Thank you for joining us and sharing your content this week. Again, a big shout out to @iamraincrystal for sponsoring this week's reward program. 😍

Have a great weekend everybody and see you next week!

Time to rock out for the weekend.

#52 (Starting | 10/15/2021)


@felixgarciap https://d.buzz/#/@felixgarciap/c/zrjc622nfzx18uv87ktfl0

@englishwithnate https://d.buzz/#/@englishwithnate/c/kiwhqj09telms7g46c0w05

@ronasoliva1104 https://d.buzz/#/@ronasoliva1104/c/1mbel9x968yx0vaykmn5ui

@guruvaj https://d.buzz/#/@guruvaj/c/uvjnukvq9lljvn7i6jdp9o

@crrdlx https://d.buzz/#/@crrdlx/c/bxf2hqkg4t7hot635751r0

@joeylim https://d.buzz/#/@joeylim/c/1rk7i92xp8qhblv2crtyu3

@mehmetfix https://d.buzz/#/@mehmetfix/c/bxbyi40owfb0odlycwqd32

@harulovesanime https://d.buzz/#/@harulovesanime/c/yu3n06aiexaawot29wl9ni

@nessie2645 https://d.buzz/#/@nessie2645/c/hd7aa15a62f1alyld4oy5k

@c1udadan0x https://d.buzz/#/@c1udadan0x/c/7nxmi7v5iadgxm1bqhhk35

@jimmy.adames https://d.buzz/#/@jimmy.adames/c/reach-for-the-stars-hivers

@koenau https://d.buzz/#/@koenau/c/3sfc9s793kf2vm6kyp21d7

@sarunya https://d.buzz/#/@sarunya/c/ymzrfm070hx4f6w6fkqctw

@edugomal https://d.buzz/#/@edugomal/c/4h1zqgr2x1mvgopvczjb7s

@tdctunes https://d.buzz/#/@tdctunes/c/e66s764psg22xjlj0knjxb

Congratulations to all of you - your content and imagery inspires us to post more.
Keep being amazing!

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