On The Spot Reward Summary, Week 44

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What's the good word D.Buzz fam!

It’s Saturday again which means another week of awesome content has just flown by. It's sort of like when you're sitting at a table with new friends, laughing together at the end of a long day, it's easy to forget about the ticking of the clock. It seems like time speeds up. The next morning, waking up to an alarm clock soon reminds you that time really does fly when we're having a good time. It's always such a bittersweet feeling to realize how late it is in the night once you've been having a blast.

We feel the same way about our on-the-spot-spot on rewards program. Every week we read many posts from our community and select 10 of them to receive a liquid $HIVE tip on the spot for posting nice content. It makes the time fly by.

This week, @bendotri and @lenifitria entreated our eyes to a colorful feast of the sky. Such vivid colors left many of us here at the office inspired. Speaking of being inspired, @bangausamparan also inspired us with an amazing photo of Jayapura City, Papua, Indonesia. It looks like an extraordinarily cool place.

Summers also moving forward and people are harvesting bountiful botanicals from their gardens. Authors such as @sarunya and @kriang3tee presented some of their garden harvest from this previous season. Yummmmm!

@felixgarciap presented a very reflective moment about flowers in a garden, while across the world @joeth walked through a temple garden.

Our dear friend @luueetang made our tummies rumble with the photo of a hamburger they posted, and our other friend @tsunsica we smiled with upon seeing them doing what they love rollerskating.

Last but not least, @marleyn presented a lovely work of art they completed and this great quote.

When your work is Your Passion, Nothing is impossible. I love to create and innovate source.

We agree with @marleyn 100%, if your work is your passion then it is all possible. We are passionate about what we do at D.Buzz and fills us with motivation to see our community growing, getting usually presenting great content.

Thank you for sharing your posts this week.

As always, enjoy your weekend!

How we feel about Saturday's posts.

#44 (Starting | 08/20/2021)


@bendotri https://d.buzz/#/@bendotri/c/tbbp56m958ah732dhkkups

@luueetang https://d.buzz/#/@luueetang/c/4pbz455fkjr11x8nln87ls

@tsunsica https://d.buzz/#/@tsunsica/c/65av8j5472850r101el0kn

@marleyn https://d.buzz/#/@marleyn/c/fplj51p4h5b4mwafgw1q75

@bangausamparan https://d.buzz/#/@bangausamparan/c/zc1dcy0tr682c241wn9yhf

@sarunya https://d.buzz/#/@sarunya/c/rphsdms8nwa74gg5dysen0

@kriang3tee https://d.buzz/#/@kriang3tee/c/b5hrgp62p31nz7pzt0uvun

@joeth https://d.buzz/#/@joeth/c/kjp5xshiuwbxruvem8iqug

@lenifitria https://d.buzz/#/@lenifitria/c/3ifeitlses1hgd2gfz7dgy

@felixgarciap https://d.buzz/#/@felixgarciap/c/dksf1e45ezx2a46n02lhxl

Congratulations to all of you - your content and imagery inspire us to post more. Keep being amazing!

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  • How can we improve it?

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