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On The Spot Reward Summary, Week 18

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1 month ago

What Rocking Today people of D.Buzz?

Saturdays, every week for us is the best. Sure it's the weekend, and we can sleep in, but it is also the day of the week wherein, we get to highlight those authors whom, throughout the week posted inspirational, creative, and unique content.

This week is no exception to the ongoing stream of groovy content.

This week we have @coffeecrusher dropping a crushing poem on love (NICE), along with this @polarmystro presenting a sick beat ( we could totally see walking down the street in the rain while this plays in our earbuds), and even such nice photography of botany from @kaliphae (* Yes spring is on the way!).

Some of our favorite bits of content is also pets (#petsofhive), and @nobutsd post a photo of their little puppy (* we say "little" sarcastically, as it is a big puppy), and of course some longtime buzz friends like @mehmetfix, keeping us inspired by their message (*Thanks mate)!

Music, poetry, photography, inspiration, cuteness and so much more. All of this waiting to be discovered, by you on D.Buzz. What will you find this week?

Post below in the comments any particular Buzzes you enjoyed the most. :)

Keep on Buzzing!

On the Spot, Spot-on Rewards.
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Congratulations to all of you, your content and imagery inspire us to post more. Keep being amazing!

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Written by   7
1 month ago
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