On The Spot Reward Summary, Week 104

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11 months ago

What's the good word, D.Buzz fam?

What do you get when you take the weeks in a year and multiply them by 2? Answer the 2-year anniversary celebration party for the on-the-spot, spot-on rewards program!

It's hard to believe that it has been two years already. It seems like both a short and a long time at the same time. So much has happened in those two years, and yet it feels like it just flew by. Yes, it was 2 long years ago that we dreamed up a way to reward those DBuzz authors who post good content with a reward, on-the-spot!

That means that we have rewarded 1,030 authors (some of them repeat winners), a reward for posting great content... #Accomplished. WOOT! We have more rewards to give out. :D

A sunset at Little Lake makes for a pleasant day. The colors are beautiful and the atmosphere is tranquil. It's the perfect way to end a busy day, or just relax and enjoy the moment. So shoutout to @juliansokto for that great inspiration!

@amigoponc this week brought us some wisdom. It is so true that maintaining family harmony can be challenging at times, but it is important to always keep the line of communication open. Family members should be encouraged to discuss any issues they may have with each other in a respectful and constructive manner.

Inktober is a great way to stay creative. It's a month-long challenge where artists post one ink drawing a day, and it's a great way to improve your skills and explore new techniques. @chileng17 is on Day 15 and kicking butt! Their art is great!

In many cultures, the white gooseberry is seen as a symbol of good luck. It is also a symbol of new beginnings, as the gooseberry is one of the first fruits to ripen in the spring. This week, @tariqulislam767 captured one of these amazing flowers, leaving us saying wow!

Speaking of flowers and plants, @ronasoliva1104 this week also reminded us about how important plants are. Plants play a vital role in the health of our planet. They produce oxygen that we need to breathe. Plants help purify the air and provide food and shelter for many animals.

It's hard to eat cute-looking cookies, but they do look tasty. After all, who can resist a cookie that's been decorated to look like a cute animal or character? The thing is, once you start eating them, it's hard to stop. So, if you're looking for a delicious treat that's also eye-catching, go for the cute cookies that @flipflopcrypto found in the shop!

If you don't like cookies, you can always eat fish or chicken. Both are healthy options that are packed with nutrients. Fish (like the image from @yeouido.park) is a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, while chicken (like the image from @typicalme) is a leaner protein option. So, if you're looking for something healthy to eat, don't forget about fish or chicken.

How we start our day can have a big impact on how the rest of our day goes. If we start our day off on the wrong foot, it can be hard to recover and get back on track. On the other hand, starting our day off well can set the tone for a productive and successful day. We think that if your day started like @aein.shwin.lann, you will have a great day.

Although it may be too early to start thinking about Christmas, it's never too early to get into the festive spirit! There's something about the holidays that just makes everyone feel a little bit happier. That being said, we did smile when we saw the glowing tree from @shikika. Lol, nice!

We are happy to have served you for 2 years so far, and look forward to many more years together. Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate your trust in us, and we will always work to provide the best possible service. Here's to many more years of successful blogging together!

Enjoy the weekend. :D

Party Dance Time!

#104 (starting 10/17/2022)


Congratulations to all of you - your content and imagery inspire us to post more. Keep being amazing!

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